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Chronicles of a Water Crisis: Litzman Sheds Crocodile Tears and MK Tirosh Advocates Civil Disobedience

Keren Neubach is angry. Not only did the government pass a drought “tax,” on water usage over a certain quantity, the water authority raised the price of water by 50% beginning in January. Yesterday Neubach invited three people to speak on her morning program on Reshet Bet about water … [Read more...]

Carnivals, Segregated Buses, Sidewalks, and Swine Flu

I wrote a guest post for the Welcoming Olim blog on Writing Checks in Israel. Check out the rest of the blog for tips on health funds, ulpan, national insurance, and more. The Jerusalem Post reports on the legal battle against public buses that require women to sit in the back: The … [Read more...]

Tips for Helping an 18-Month-Old Adjust to Daycare

Thank you to readers, old and new, for your thoughtful answers to my question about Israeli parenting. If you haven't been following the discussion I suggest taking a look. Now I'd like help with ideas for a reader and mother of four returning to the working world: Any tips on how to make this … [Read more...]

What Defines Israeli Parenting?

A journalist for an American magazine sent me questions for an article on parenting styles around the world. I know Israeli parents are not homogeneous, but please help me out. How are Israeli parents different from parents in other countries? What makes them unique? I already plan to mention … [Read more...]


Haveil Havalim is up at Ima on the Bima. Speaking of Ima, I won a book by accident when I commented on her post about female rabbis in literature. But she didn't give the book a very good review, so I asked her to hold on to it. I'm sure Phyllis won't mind sending it to someone else so let me know … [Read more...]

Jewish Mother Guilt and Breastfeeding (Updated)

Marjorie Ingall wrote an article in Tablet Magazine called Bottled Guilt, where she argues that Jewish women are set up to feel guilty when breastfeeding doesn’t work out. The desire to raise intelligent and healthy children is entrenched in our genes, and for most of us successful breastfeeding is … [Read more...]

Blogger’s Night Out in Petach Tikva

Last night Mimi of Israeli Kitchen and I hosted a Blogger's Evening in Petach Tikva. Really, Mimi hosted, baked and prepared and I just showed up. We gave out suggested questions and assigned partners at random to interview. Then each blogger presented his or her partner to the group. Mimi from … [Read more...]

Leftovers and the Kosher Kitchen

[Glossary below.] My mother z”l hardly ever threw out food. I think she managed this by serving five meat meals during the week. On the three “fleishig” weekdays, she transferred meaty leftovers from one main meal to the next. Whatever leftovers couldn’t go in a main course were recycled in the … [Read more...]

Imaginary Ingredients

Kinder eggs, made of good quality chocolate with a toy in the middle, used to be popular in Israel. This year the kids received a chocolate-flavored knock-off called "TOY" in their shul candy bags. Made in Turkey, it’s imported by a company in Bnei Brak. The ingredients in English read: Sugar, … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding and Breast Cancer: What If Women Didn’t Have Breasts?

Baila posts an interview with her friend, Nitsana Bellesohn, who directed a short film to call attention to the fight against breast cancer. Entitled "FLAT," it's up for the Amazing Grace Award. Warning: The film contains images of exposed breasts. Go here to see all the films and vote for … [Read more...]