Modern Orthodox Education: Cholent, YouTube, and Girls Jumping over the Line

A few weeks ago, I covered an event sponsored by Yeshiva University in Israel for the Jerusalem Post's In Jerusalem. The report appeared on Friday, February 2, and is reprinted with permission.  Click here to see my interview with President Joel. Yeshiva University Tackles the Modern Questions By … [Read more...]

Reader: Should We Make Aliyah in the Middle of the School Year?

Please check out my blog post at Times of Israel, in honor of Yom Haatzmaut: The Good, the Bad and the Fantastic: 65 Surprising Things about Parenting in Israel. The post below also makes use of crowd-sourcing via the Mother in Israel Facebook page. A reader writes: Hi! I'm wishing to remain … [Read more...]

Best Hebrew Bloopers by New Olim

Last week I heard a woman describe her first visit to the yarkan (produce store) as a new olah (immigrant) in the early 70's. Everyone knew where the produce store was, because a swarm of flies could be seen from a distance. She brought along her teenage daughter for assistance, as the daughter had … [Read more...]

Anglo Immigrants: Arbiters of Social Rightness?

New reader Ruth Alfasi wrote to me to object to the discussion of whether Israelis are rude. She writes: Connecting Israelis with rudeness is, if not rude itself, and if not lacking derech eretz (good manners) , certainly culturally insensitive. We are here now, and as Jews we ought to give … [Read more...]

Is 64 Too Old to Make Aliyah?

UPDATED below with more information for older immigrants. Welcome to all of the new immigrants arriving today, including Raggedy Mom and Samanthat4d. Can you help this reader? He writes:   I have been considering moving to Israel.  Life in the US is expensive and so is Israel.  I … [Read more...]

Olim Seek Religiously Tolerant Neighborhood

Reader Debbie is making aliyah with two children, aged 6 and 14. She writes: My husband is in the IT field so we are thinking of living within commuting distance of Tel Aviv or Jerusalem or both, if possible. We have been exploring the idea of living, so far, in Ra'anana, Mo'diin, and … [Read more...]

Making Aliyah Mid-Year with Kids

I received this question from TYm: My family is planning to make aliyah next year in the late fall. We have two children 4 an 1 with a baby on the way. We are moving to Rehovot where I will be doing a post-doc in the sciences. We’re still not certain what my husband will have lined up. Any … [Read more...]

The Best Last Minute Pre-Aliyah Tips

I received this email from Neshama: My husband and I are FINALLY coming Home, and should be flying July 6 IY"H (G-d wiling). We're BE"H (with G-d's help) renting for a couple of months in order to get acclimated and look for a permanent place together. Can you offer advice on any topic to be … [Read more...]

Memories of A Bathing Suit

At an engagement party in another town I ran into E., an old friend from camp. We started chatting about Facebook. E., who was more into camp than I was, had used it to find other camp friends. I tried to explain to E. why I started using Facebook. Staying in touch with old friends is more … [Read more...]

Israel Playdate Etiquette

Let's talk playdate etiquette. I was taught never to invite myself to someone's house, but in Israel it's okay for a kid to call and ask if she can come over. Playdates never start before 4 PM and usually later, even though school is usually over at 1 PM. Bamba or some other snack food is … [Read more...]