20 Top Israeli Baby Boy Names for 2012

The Central Bureau for Statistics recently published the top Israeli names in each sector for 2013. Today I'll review the top boys' names. See yesterday's post for the most popular Israeli girls' names. The list is similar to the list for 2010, except that Nehorai and Guy have been replaced by … [Read more...]

20 Top Israeli Baby Girl Names for 2012

See also: 20 Top Israeli Baby Boy Names for 2012 At long last, the Israeli Central Bureau for Statistics announced popular names for 2012.  Today I'll review the top twenty names for Jewish girls. First, a word about trends. Remember how just a few years ago single-syllable names were all the … [Read more...]

Israeli Baby Girl Name Help November 2013

Two readers just sent inquiries about Israeli baby names. Can you help? Thanks for a great site!  I am having quite a hard time with a baby name to be named after my grandmother Hedwig (Tzirel).  I am comfortable using an H or I suppose a Z for the tzadi.  We can't use Hannah... Do you know of … [Read more...]

Israeli Baby Name Help, June 2013

Today we have three readers seeking help with baby names: Is Yaeli a common first name in Israel or just the nickname for Yael? We like Yaeli more, but here in Germany we have to prove that it’s a “real” name at least in another country. BTW, you already helped us last year to decide for a girls … [Read more...]

Modern Israeli Baby Girl Names, April 2013

G. writes: I love your blog! especially the baby names sections but I wanted to ask for myself specifically. I am due to have a baby girl B'H at the end of the month and I am thinking of baby girl names that have a nice meaning, sound nice in English (I am from Australia), are a little … [Read more...]

Online Conferences, Passover Baby Names and Unequal Accommodations

I hope you have all had a wonderful Pesach. Aside from a tiyul or two, I've been busy preparing talks for two online conferences. I want to thank the many friends and readers contributed pictures that I used in the presentations. If you've never attended an online conference, you may wonder how … [Read more...]

Israeli Baby Boy’s Name Help

Free offer: I published an eBook, Cook Smart! Learn the Secrets of Your Kitchen Appliances. Today and tomorrow, it will be available for free download. If you don't have a Kindle you can get a free reader for your smartphone or PC. Reader Samantha asks for baby name help: Hi! I'd really … [Read more...]

Israeli Baby Name Queries: December 2012

I get a lot of inquiries about Hebrew and Israeli baby names. There are lots of lists on the internet, but they don't give you the context you need to make a wise decision. Here are a few recent questions: Adam: Need Help with name for boy named after Saba Shmuel ( we don't like Shmuel or … [Read more...]

Unusual Israeli Baby Names

Readers from overseas come here to find out whether a Hebrew or Israeli name they have chosen "fits" here in Israel. I think that the parents who chose the following names would have been discouraged by readers. Some of the "weird" names suggestedby readers (via Facebook) are actually common, … [Read more...]

Top 20 Israeli Baby Names for Boys, 2010

Yesterday I posted the most popular girls' names in 2010 from the Central Bureau of Statistics. Today the boys take a turn. I've decided to label them by their prominence in the haredi (H), secular (S), or national religious communities (NR). It's no surprise that many of the more popular names … [Read more...]