Alarming Mortality Rates for Premature Babies in Israel

To mark World Prematurity Day, the Israel Forum for Prematurity released a report on the care of premature babies in Israeli hospitals. Judy Siegel-Itzkovich summarized the findings for the Jerusalem Post, stating that "The death rate of premature babies in Israel remains twice as high as that in … [Read more...]

Tragedies Highlight Risks of Homebirth

Last week in Australia, Caroline Lovell, a home birth advocate. died the day after childbirth. Blogger Mia Freedman reports on the story and adds: When I went to look for information on the death of Janet Fraser’s baby during her freebirth, I found that all the threads on the freebirthing and … [Read more...]

Feticide at 40 Weeks?

Please welcome Amanda Elkohen for this guest post about her third birth. She writes at Rabbi's Wife. This was my third pregnancy. I felt like I had a good handle on things. We traveled to the US in my 6th month with no problems, and I had low blood pressure in my 3rd trimester, which made me … [Read more...]

Supply and Demand in Breastfeeding at Green Prophet

I have a guest post up at Green Prophet, Breastfeeding and "Supply and Demand." If you know anyone worried about not having enough milk, this is a good place to start. … [Read more...]