Around the World in Eighty Clicks: Why I Love Being a Mother

I was flattered to be asked to participate in "Around the World in Eighty Clicks," founded by Katherine at Her Bad Mother and David at It's Not a Lecture. The idea is for bloggers from eighty different countries to give five reasons why they love being mothers. Like Katherine, I don't love … [Read more...]

A Peek at the Inbox of an Influential Blogger with A Loyal Following

Lishevita of Israeli Sababa told me that she gets a lot of hate mail. (You can now go and leave her a friendly comment.) I don't believe I've gotten even one such letter, unless you count the email and comments from Megeirot followers. But in the interest of light-hearted distraction, I'll share … [Read more...]

Correcting Others

This article by Rabbi S. Binyomin Ginsburg caught my eye. When the author's friend became a grandfather he told everyone that he had become an einekel, Yiddish for grandchild, instead of a zeidy, Yiddish for Grandpa. No one corrected him, including the writer, until the grandfather had told possibly … [Read more...]

Commenting on Comments: Building a Blog Community

One of my favorite things about blogging has been connecting with my readers. I especially enjoy the comments section here--it is often more interesting than the original post.When I first began blogging, I scanned the blog frequently for comments until I realized that I could set Blogger to send me … [Read more...]

Link Time: Kosher Grits, Nursing in Public, and Carnivals

Now that the holidays are over, here are some long overdue links:First, a new blog by an observant, Jewish professor of religion in the Deep South: Kosher Grits.An article about public breastfeeding, including information for American moms encountering problems.Haveil Havalim, the Jewish blog … [Read more...]

The end of shmitah

This Rosh Hashanah marks the end of the shmittah year in Israel. During the sabbatical year the land is supposed to be left fallow, and whatever grows by itself in the field and on the trees is "hefker," or free for the taking. At the end of the sabbatical year, the Torah requires lenders to forgive … [Read more...]

Apology from the Israel Tourism Ministry

I just received this comment about the Jerusalem tourism clip:hi,My name is Michal, and I promote the video clip on behalf of the Israeli Ministry of tourism.I was the one who contacted mominisrael and asked her to embed the clip here.I have brought your remarks, and others like yours to the … [Read more...]

From your education correspondent in Tel Aviv

"I'm a blogger," I told the young woman who asked for my name and ID at the press conference Sunday morning at the Likud Party Headquarters.The woman smiled.(I guess she knew that already. . .There I was, with Rafi, Carl, RivkA and her husband Moshe. [Lurker must have been lurking too much; I didn't … [Read more...]

New Blog about Israeli Cooking and Living

After Pesach I bought some fresh yeast and made a starter out of it. When you are ready to bake (or the day before), you feed the starter by adding flour and water and letting it ferment. You take what you need and save the rest for next time. It's a different way of baking and my success has varied … [Read more...]

NBN and Irish music

Much has been written about the various panels and speakers; for reports check the Israeli bloggers on my sidebar.Zavi Apfelbaum of the Israeli foreign ministry mentioned Ireland as a country that had recently invested in a "brand." The Orthodox wedding I attended last week featured Irish music and … [Read more...]