Selected Conversations from the NBN Conference

[General impressions on the NBN Convention will have to wait for another post.]Rachel Yechezkel and I had planned to travel together, then agreed to try and meet at the Jerusalem Central Bus Station. Despite my bus running 45 minutes late and "resting" on the side of the highway a few times, Rachel … [Read more...]

Turning over a New (Blogging) Leaf

I'm planning some changes to my blog. A new banner and template are in the works.In addition I plan is to post a short entry (almost) every day until Pesach (bli neder*). Maybe it will help me become more productive in other areas of my life as well. Or not.As always, comments are welcome.*I never … [Read more...]

There’s No Need to Fear, Underdog Underfrog is Here

A big thank-you to Jameel at the Muqata for his ringing endorsement of Underfrog's blog A Mother in Israel for Best Middle East or Africa Blog -- 2007 Weblog Award (polls close at 5 PM EST November 8).Treppenwitz may have a "total disregard for accolades and recognition," but some of us need all the … [Read more...]

How did that happen? I’m a Weblog Finalist!

I nominated myself for a Weblog award. I was just following instructions; the website said not to be shy. Anyway, Soccer Dad informed me that A Mother in Israel is one of ten finalists in the category of Middle Eastern and African blogs. My kids said it's not such a big deal because how many English … [Read more...]