Apology from the Israel Tourism Ministry

I just received this comment about the Jerusalem tourism clip:hi,My name is Michal, and I promote the video clip on behalf of the Israeli Ministry of tourism.I was the one who contacted mominisrael and asked her to embed the clip here.I have brought your remarks, and others like yours to the … [Read more...]

Do you wish you belonged to the "other" group?

Lily left a comment on a recent post suggesting that "working mothers" and "stay-at-home" mothers often wish they were in the opposite category. I know I occasionally fantasize about picking up a briefcase and closing the door behind me each morning, leaving someone else to deal with the mess and … [Read more...]

“Your Daughter is Smart, but You Don’t Have to Worry”

Our friends recently met their 15-year-old daughter's teacher at the semi-annual parent-teacher conference. The daughter attends a religious Zionist girls' high school, whose matriculation scores regularly rank it among the top three schools in the country. The teacher told them, "Your daughter … [Read more...]

Golden Mind, Golden Heart, Golden Tongue

Riveting. Moving. Inspiring. Such is the documentary A Lonely Man of Faith produced by Ethan Isenberg. The golden mind, heart, and tongue belonged to Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveichik, known to his students simply as the Rav.The highlights of the film for me:The early influence of the Rav's mother. The … [Read more...]

The Non-Denominational Mikveh

An anonymous reader sent me a link to an article containing an interview with the founder of the non-denominational mikveh in Boston called “Mayim Hayyim.”"For a lot of people, the mikveh's been associated with a lot of negatives -- the second-class status of women, the denigration of women's … [Read more...]

The Rada"K on Feminine Beauty

Rabbi David Kimchi, known as RaDaK for short, was a medieval biblical commentator. Most people are unfamiliar with his Torah commentary, because it is not included the classic Mikraot Gedolot volume of commentaries. Mikraot Gedolot on Navi (Prophets) does include his commentary, for which he is … [Read more...]

Growing up in the middle

Yesterday I found a blog called Musings from a Square Peg. From the introduction:Recently I have begun questioning my assumptions and wondering if I should be Orthodox – and if so, what stripe. My parents, Jewish educators both, managed to imbue their children with their passion for Judaism. I feel … [Read more...]

Parsha Post–Korach

Rebecca of Jewess asked me to write a dvar Torah with a feminine twist. You can check it out here. … [Read more...]

Another tzniut link

Lady Light of Tikkun Olam shares her experiences regarding dress in the observant community--I can't figure out how I missed it yesterday. For the rest see the previous post. … [Read more...]

“Tzniut” Meme– Modest dress by Jewish women

A couple of my friends recently stopped covering their hair in public (as required by Jewish law, according to most Orthodox rabbis). I wasn't privy to either one's reasons for doing so, but I can imagine some possibilities: They don't "believe" in it any longer or think that it's halachically … [Read more...]