Infertility Aliyah and Egg Harvesting

In A New Reason to Make Aliyah: Free Egg Freezing, Allison Kaplan Sommer reports on a new development in Israeli health insurance: The state will now cover the freezing of 20 eggs harvested in up to four extractions from young, healthy women, which can be stored, should she decide to have kids at a … [Read more...]

Single Motherhood in the Orthodox Community

Image via Wikipedia The phenomenon of Orthodox single women who choose to have babies on their own has been around for a while. Gilit Chomski of Ynet interviews some of the mothers, as well as rabbis who have ruled on the subject. A few passages in the long article that stood out for … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding, Babies, and Hormonal Birth Control

Commenter and guest poster Ariela asked me to write about breastfeeding and birth control.  Since other methods generally don't impact breastfeeding, I'll limit the discussion to hormonal methods. Hormonal methods include the pill, some IUDs, and patches. They contain either progestin  alone or a … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding: An Optimal Way to Space Babies

The September/October edition of New Beginnings, La Leche League International's magazine, contains an article by Sheila Kippley about her new book The Seven Standards of Ecological Breastfeeding: The Frequency Factor I recognize this approach is not for everyone. However, many couples wish to … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Miracles of Motherhood

I've "known" Barbara for years, as the only other Jew on a message board we frequented. I didn't realize she had been reading this blog until she left a comment on the pizzeria post. I knew she had an interesting story, so I asked her to share. It's not only miraculous. It shows how a proactive and … [Read more...]