The eruv came too late for me. . .

If the level of observance was low in New York before the war (see previous post and comments), imagine the state of Jewish life in¬†Sacramento, California. My mother's family settled there in the late 30's, ¬†where my grandfather and my grandmother's brothers had established a business. My … [Read more...]

(Mis)Adventures in International Travel: A long life

A year ago my sister's energetic and charismatic mother-in-law, still living on her own, was diagnosed with incurable cancer. It was sad to hear of this 96-year-old woman suffering at the end of life.My sister called a few days before my trip to tell me that her mother-in-law had stopped eating. She … [Read more...]

Input from the inlaws

Sephardi Lady posted about her in-laws' disappointment at the most recent simcha honoring her baby daughter. Even though Sephardi Lady and Gentleman celebrated just as every other young couple in their community did, the in-laws felt it should have been fancier. Unfortunately they hadn't discussed … [Read more...]

Dads Who Don’t Change Diapers

Recently, while I was out with a group of women friends, "G" got a call on her cell phone. She told the caller that she was on her way. It turns out that her grandson needed a change, and her daughter had gone to a concert with friends. Her son-in-law doesn't change diapers. When one of the other … [Read more...]