Planning Your Family Chanukah Party

Chanukah this year falls on Tuesday evening, December 20 through Wednesday, December 28. Please welcome Miryam Elisheva Segal for today's guest post.   My “family” Chanukah parties have taken many shapes over the years. Some were successes, some not, but we always had fun along the … [Read more...]

Goy Returns Chametz

Last week I reported on the hametz that was given to a non-Jew by the rabbi. Today Rafi reports that the non-Jew called and offered to return the hametz, and suggests that the whole thing was a setup: Rafi writes: Upon reflection, the rabbi probably told the non-Jew to do this whole thing, … [Read more...]

Goy in Jerusalem Runs Off with Hametz at Start of Passover

Update: Goy Returns Hametz This amazing story appeared in the Haredi website, Kikar Hashabbat. There is a long-standing custom to sell hametz, the leavened foods forbidden during the Passover holiday. According to the Torah, one can't own any hametz during the week of the holiday. But because … [Read more...]

State of the House, Passover 2011

What's Wrong with this Picture? The above picture appeared on the cover of Friday's alon, Matzav Haruach. Anyone notice a slight problem? My husband is convinced Israelis don't realize that the holidays are mentioned in the Torah portion of Re'eh in Devarim (Deuteronomy), as well as in Shemot … [Read more...]

Passover Seder in the Israeli Army

My son won't be home for the Passover seder this Monday. Instead, he'll be leading the seder for about 30 fellow soldiers on his army base. After my son and another soldier (were) volunteered to run the seder on the two neighboring bases, they got to attend a hishtalmut in a nearby city for … [Read more...]

Video: Kasher the Kitchen for Pesach in Two Hours

One of the things that I missed during shiva was our annual discussion here about Pesach preparations. At least we covered the Pesach babies, and I hope readers will update as they give birth. I wrote a draft on epidurals, and perhaps I will get it out in time for some of you. Kasher Your Kitchen … [Read more...]

The Pesach Problem

This post first appeared in 2007. I've updated and republished it with today's date. I've also made a new page for all my Passover posts. Enjoy! The Pesach Problem, or Why I Don't Trust Anyone Who Says You Can Make Pesach in Four Hours Around this time of year, you'll see reprints of articles … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Learning from Haman

Before we say goodbye to Purim and go on to the next holiday, please welcome this guest post by Susie of New Day New Lesson. Susie from New Day New Lesson I am big on learning lessons from everything and everyone. So while listening to the megilla (scroll of Esther), I started making a mental … [Read more...]

Easy and Inspiring Purim Craft Ideas

You might remember that I visited with you all at Sukkot and again at Chanukah, to share some frugal and creative crafts for those chagim (holidays). I'm very excited that Hannah has asked me back as a guest poster. With Purim in less than one month, I bet you can guess what I'll be talking about … [Read more...]

Coping with a Pesach Baby

A reader is expecting a baby a day or two before Passover, and has always been a week early so far. Unlike most of us, she can't afford to be in denial. It's true we got an extra month this year (Jewish leap year) but Pesach is still creeping up on us. Maybe this will start your wheels turning. . … [Read more...]