Chicken with Black Olives and Tomatoes

This is an adaptation of a recipe that appeared in the Jerusalem Post many years ago. It always gets compliments. Kosher for Passover, it can be prepared on top of the stove and served hot or cold. Chicken with Black Olives and Tomatoes Ingredients: 1 cut-up chicken Flour, or potato flour for … [Read more...]

Pesach and Wasting Food

Cross-posted on DovBear. Jonathan Bloom at Wasted Food writes about throwing out food in advance of Passover: I can’t criticize religious or cultural practices that cause food waste, but I will say that not all Jews throw out or burn their leavened foods each spring. There are different levels … [Read more...]

Pesach Excess

While my house gets turned upside-down in advance of Passover (and no, I won't tell you where I'm "holding"), I've gathered yet more thoughts about Pesach. First of all, it is hard. Even the minimum involves hard physical labor and more important, planning. Not everyone is blessed with … [Read more...]

Mishpacha Pesach Cleaning Schedule, Part II

It's a good thing I saved last week's Pesach cleaning schedule from Mishpacha magazine, because you won't find the "de-stressors" in the column below. (Something Different aptly named them distressors.) Instead Lowinger gives us "Clutter-Control Activities." Glossary at the end. It's probably … [Read more...]

Why “Average” Haredi Families Go to Hotels for Pesach, Part I

Why "Average" Haredi Families Go to Hotels for Pesach, Part II We received an advertising supplement from a travel agency catering to the haredi public called "Pesach Plus." According to the supplement reservations for Passover hotels have increased this year. Despite the economic downturn, the … [Read more...]

Why There Is a Matzah Shortage

We have been hearing about the undersupply of matzah in the US, and couldn't find any in the store this morning here either. We could have scraped through our (one day--I can't help rubbing it in again) of Yom Tov but managed to scrounge some extra from friends. I figure someone got smart and and … [Read more...]

We don’t even remember. . .

West Bank Mama wrote about her favorite parts of Pesach. I think mine might be the end of the first day, after Yom Tov is over and I realize I don't have to make another seder.After I wrote my last post it occurred to me that we must have had two sedarim the year my son was born in New York, so I … [Read more...]

Keeping Kids Interested in the Seder

Received via a community email list:We'd like to keep our 4- and 6-year-olds alert and excited for as long as possible during the seder. Acting out parts of the haggada has been suggested but we're drawing a blank on how to do this realistically yet without delaying the proceedings too much. Has … [Read more...]

Pesach Crisis Cleaning Checklist

Image by Eugene of Norway via Flickr When it comes to Passover I don't like to talk about where I'm "holding," because I don't want to hear that my neighbor has set her seder table while my house looks like a tornado ran through it. But those who are inspired by others' progress should look … [Read more...]

When to “Turn Over” Your Kitchen for Passover

Pesach-observant homemakers the world over are talking about turning over. Turning over the kitchen, that is. When they have finished most of the shopping, cleaning and kashering (making the stove, sink and counters kosher for Passover), they officially"turn over" the kitchen for Pesach. They might … [Read more...]