Interview with Yeshiva University President Richard Joel

After the event on Modern Orthodox education sponsored by YU in Israel, I was able to interview President Joel. The interview appeared in the Jerusalem Post's "In Jerusalem" supplement on February 2, 2016 and is reprinted with permission. After the panel, In Jerusalem spoke with president Richard … [Read more...]

Tahel Conference to Fight Abuse in the Religious Community

Hardly a day goes by without hearing of another case of domestic violence, get refusal, or child sex abuse in the Jewish community. We are all against it, and appalled by what is happening. But is there anything we can do? Debbie Gross, director of the Tahel Crisis Center for Religious Women and … [Read more...]

Interview: Yifat Kasai on Ethiopians in Petach Tikva Schools

Update: I heard on the radio at around 1 PM today that the Chabad girls' school, Or Chaya, has refused to accept 5 Ethiopian students. Or Chaya is part of the state religious system. The education ministry said that sanctions will be taken. I met Yifat Kasai two years ago, when her eldest son … [Read more...]

Me, Me, Me

Ilana-Davita interviewed me at her blog, as part of a series on Israeli bloggers. At least one reader caught my name in the current issue of Parents Magazine in an article on parenting around the world.  Thank you to the many readers who contributed to the lively discussion on What Defines … [Read more...]

Exclusive Interview with a Former Kannai, Part II: The Community

This is Part II of an interview with Rabbi Moshe Yossef, a former kannai who lived in the anti-Zionist community in Jerusalem for many years. In Part I, he tells of his personal experiences. Below he responds to  questions about the kannai community. How do people survive economically without … [Read more...]

Exclusive: Interview with a Former Kannai, Part I

In my series on Pashkevilim, I gave highlights of a lecture about the community of anti-Zionist kannaim, or  zealots, in Jerusalem. @Jewnet invited me to interview her husband Moshe Yossef, a former kannai,  for an insider's view. I've divided the interview into two parts.  Part I is about Rabbi … [Read more...]

New Jewish Book for Pre-Teens: Review and Interview

An interview with the author appears below. Chaya Rosen is a young woman living in Israel. She recently published Backstage with CBC: The Chaverim Boys Choir Live (Targum Press), a book for religious preteens. Each chapter of Chaverim describes a member of the fictional choir, the boy's family … [Read more...]

Interview: A Christian Mother in Israel

Melissa, originally from England, lives in Nazareth with her Christian-Arab husband and their six children. She graciously answered my questions by email. Melissa, where were you born? I grew up in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, a small city about 40 minutes drive north of London. What did you … [Read more...]

Interview with an Orthodox Sex Therapist: Talli Yehuda Rosenbaum

Talli Yehuda Rosenbaum is a physical therapist who also specializes in sex counseling and treatment of sexual problems. She is one of few such therapists within the religious community in Israel. She has graciously agreed to answer a few questions. Mother in Israel: When I took a group class on … [Read more...]

Teens, Sex and Eating Disorders: An Interview with the Therapy Doc

Never one to turn down free professional advice, I didn't hesitate when blogger Therapy Doc suggested an interview here on my blog. Coincidentally, while "visiting" my blog TD and her husband are in Israel visiting their son in yeshiva; see here (the end of the post) and here. Feel free to leave … [Read more...]