Spy Cameras in Gan

A new trend in Israeli parenting involves equipping small children with spy cameras to catch a ganenet (kindergarten teacher) during the act of child abuse. In Makor Rishon's "Tzedek" supplement (January 16), Itzik Wolf wrote that the education ministry is preparing a legal document that will … [Read more...]

Walking to School on Their Own

I’ve been reading Free-Range Kids at the recommendation of Sylvia-Rachel. Author Lenore Askenazy, head of the Free Range movement, is one of the Forward 50 Influential Jews of 2009 and was interviewed this week by both Time Magazine and CNN. The premise of her book and blog is that parents stifle … [Read more...]

The Safety Class

A number of years ago Emunah, a women’s organization with charitable projects including a chain of daycare centers, offered an 8-session course in child safety to its employees and volunteers. Since I had small children and worked with new mothers, I decided to try it out. Like many programs in … [Read more...]

Speed All You Want, Just Give a Small Donation First

We got an advertising brochure for the large charity organization Kupat Hair, the City Fund, operating in haredi communities throughout Israel. Normally they include stories of people who recover funds in the stock market/find the housekey/make the plane after promising to donate to Kupat Hair. … [Read more...]

Some Chanukah links

Chanukah Sameach! My camera is broken and I'm too lazy to scour the net, so you will have to manage without the traditional picture. As compensation I present some links.Standing Together has ideas for supporting Israeli soldiers this holiday.Breeding Imperfection shares a sad tale of allergy and … [Read more...]

Teen Locked in Apartment; Parents Unconcerned

A reader sent me the following story: Two days ago my daughter L's 8th grade class returned from a field trip at 9:00 PM, so they let the girls come in late the next day. An hour or so before L had to leave, her friend M called her. M was locked in her house! (Most locks in Israel need to be opened … [Read more...]

How to Avoid Speeding Tickets

Lion of Zion posted about a magazine he received entitled Gates of Chesed, consisting of articles about safety. One article called "Speeding Ticket Avoidance Tips" ought to consist of five words: Stay within the speed limit. Instead we find "Drive within 5-10 miles per hour of the surrounding … [Read more...]

Seat Belt Safety: It Won’t Make a Difference

Below is my message to the woman who wrote in the alon Olam Katan, complaining about the insensitive policewoman who "attacked" her and gave her an NIS 250 ticket because her 7.5-year-old passenger was not restrained in a carseat (and possibly not even in a seatbelt):If a child is injured or killed … [Read more...]

Update on Keren case: Children to testify today

Thanks to Rafi for sending me this blurb from 24 Dakot, a local offshoot of Yediot.The sensationalist headline reads:Today: The Children against "Mother Taliban"Four of 12 children of the Beit Shemesh woman nicknamed "Mother Taliban" are expected to testify today at the trial in which she is accused … [Read more...]

Parents fly to France and forget 3-year-old in airport

Thanks to Jameel for sending me this story. Update: Super Raizy provides the link to the story in English at Haaretz.Parents flying on a summer vacation from Tel Aviv to France today left one of their children in the airport. Authorities found the child wandering, half an hour after the plane took … [Read more...]