Choices in Religious High Schools for Girls in Israel

Four years ago, when my younger daughter was in 6th grade, I looked for an alternative to the standard ulpana (high school for girls in the national religious sector). After enrolling her in a new program in Tel Aviv, I became interested in innovations in other schools. This ultimately led an … [Read more...]

Rabbi Who Installed Hidden Cameras in Dorm to Open New Seminary

Update posted Wednesday, December 17: Today Haaretz published an article confirming that Rabbi Bryks was exonerated by the police.   According to the Haaretz article, "Bryks currently teaches at two yeshiva programs for men in Israel, Derech and Chai Israel, and two seminary programs for women, … [Read more...]

Principal Threatens Student with Social Isolation

(This is a similar, but different case than the more highly publicized Emanuel case. That one made it to court.) When Israeli parents in the religious system talk about school choice, they say they want education according to their religious standards. But in every conflict, you find that the main … [Read more...]

Gifted Education in Israel

A reader whose child was being tested for giftedness asked me to write about the Education Ministry's programs. Testing Israeli children are tested for giftedness in second or third grade, depending on the municipality. To be accepted into the education ministry's programming for the following … [Read more...]

Working Parents and School Vacation in Israel: Proposal

Next week begins the three weeks of school vacation for the seven-day Passover holiday. The organization Working Parents for Change is working for the government to have fewer vacation days from school and more activities for children during the summer holidays. You can find the Hebrew proposal on … [Read more...]

A High School in Israel

[Haveil Havalim is up at Shiloh Musings.]My daughter entered ninth grade this year. This year she has "the best teacher and the best class." She was able to request a number of friends, and they'll be together for the next four years.Her school has six grades, each with about eight classes of thirty … [Read more...]

From your education correspondent in Tel Aviv

"I'm a blogger," I told the young woman who asked for my name and ID at the press conference Sunday morning at the Likud Party Headquarters.The woman smiled.(I guess she knew that already. . .There I was, with Rafi, Carl, RivkA and her husband Moshe. [Lurker must have been lurking too much; I didn't … [Read more...]

How to Raise Kids When Neglect is “Normal”

In response to my recent post about neglectful parents, Rachel writes: I just moved to Israel and I'm shocked that what I consider neglect and benign abuse is considered normal. And not doing it puts you in the category of "freier" [sucker] (which I consider a compliment because it is the type of … [Read more...]

Is the teacher’s strike kosher?

I promised to write about the high school teacher's strike, which has been going on now for a month. We're lucky; my eleventh-grader is in a private school, and my eighth-grader has only one striking teacher (but it's her best teacher). Her large school has enough substitutes and non-striking … [Read more...]

Starting a new school

When a new school opens, it usually involves a group of idealistic parents and educators. No matter what their hashkafa (religious/philosophical outlook), they are certain that this school will give each student individual attention and allow him or her to reach his/her full potential. And for a … [Read more...]