News in the neighborhood–day care crisis

I have a friend who runs a "mishpachton" (home day care) for a few children. Every year, she has a harder and harder time finding clients. Initially she only took children who can walk, and for part of the day, but throughout the years she has been forced to accept them younger and younger and for … [Read more...]

Olim and daycare: Don’t lower your standards

I was listening to the Aliyah Revolution radio show as linked to from a comment on the Aliyah Blog. While discussing the economics of aliyah, the host and his guest gave an unrealistic view of daycare expenses in Israel.The host stated that daycare costs even more than university, but is still … [Read more...]

Gananot on little brothers and sisters

Another truth known to all Israeli gananot (preschool teachers) is that younger siblings should never be brought to a party in the gan. One ganenet actually sent home a poem with a story about a boy who was so upset because instead of watching him sing and dance, the mother was occupied with the … [Read more...]

Telemarketing in Israel

Just about every day we get unsolicited calls falling into three categories: telemarketers, surveys, and charitable organizations. I have found that the best way to get rid of telemarketers is not to give them a chance to talk. One of my children once asked me, "Why do you always say, 'Lo … [Read more...]

Marketing in preschools

Haaretz reports on the latest marketing ploy directed at toddlers: Marketing activities in preschools have now become regulated. Tadamm Focused Marketing recently received a concession to manage marketing and advertising campaigns in private preschools and day-care centers. Here's what will be … [Read more...]

Controlling Children, Controlling Ourselves

Anshel's wife (blog taken over by spam)┬áhad a hard day. She asks, "What do you do when your kids don't act the way you want them to act?" A very good question, although I might rephrase it, "How do you get your kids to want to act the way you want them to act?" The short answer is that it's not … [Read more...]