The eruv came too late for me. . .

If the level of observance was low in New York before the war (see previous post and comments), imagine the state of Jewish life in Sacramento, California. My mother's family settled there in the late 30's,  where my grandfather and my grandmother's brothers had established a business. My … [Read more...]

Who are you waiting for, Miss America? Guess not.

Last night we went to the shiva for the mother of an old friend. The friend told how her mother's mother studied piano with Bess Myerson, the first (and only?) Jewish Miss America. My friend's great-grandmother tried to fix up one of her sons with Bess, but they weren't interested. If I have it … [Read more...]

A Reward for Efi

One of our favorite alonim, called Mibereshit, comes in a gan or an elementary school edition. The gan version has a regular feature about a boy named Efi and his family. Efi has lots of problems but his wise parents help him resolve them through a discussion about the weekly Torah portion.Last week … [Read more...]

The Truth about Nursing in the Ezrat Nashim

Which of the following situations is disturbing, distracting, or inappropriate in shul? Cracking open a bag of Bamba for a toddler, who proceeds to distribute the contents around the shul Hansel and Gretel style. Shoving chairs right and left while pushing a monster stroller through the … [Read more...]

Rosh Chodesh Av: Kosher Cooking Carnival # 20

Blog Carnivalkosher cooking carnivalarchives | submit post Welcome to the July 16, 2007, 20th edition of the Kosher Cooking Carnival! When I suggested this date to Batya, I didn't realize that it fell on the first day of the Hebrew month of Av. According to the mishnah, "Mishenichnas Av … [Read more...]

Parsha Post–Korach

Rebecca of Jewess asked me to write a dvar Torah with a feminine twist. You can check it out here. … [Read more...]

My kids and cooperation

Sephardi Lady asked me here whether I overestimate or underestimate the amount of help my kids can give. It seems that they always have plenty of time to read, go on the computer and play with friends, and study occasionally, so I guess they are not overworked. I suspect they would not agree! Of … [Read more...]