Haredi Fashion Photography

Ynet has an article about the newest trend in fashion photography: Haredi models and styles. The article contains a video interview with the first professional haredi fashion photographer, Shprintzi Friedman. I was struck by the length of the skirt worn in the right-hand photo. Since when does … [Read more...]

Objectification of Women on Both Ends of the Spectrum

In the Jerusalem Post Yehuda Mirsky asks "Where is the Tzniut?" Mirsky was among those who filed a petition with the High Court to prevent separate sidewalks for men and women in Mea Shearim during the Sukkot holiday. When he visited, secular security guards blocked women from entering the main … [Read more...]

Parshablog on “Levels” of Tzniut (Modesty)

This appeared on Rabbi Josh Waxman's site, Parshablog: Mother In Israel on a sign urging modest dress in Petach Tikvah, and why it bothers her. One misguided (IMHO) commenter advises: "Don’t feel threatened if you feel that you do your best in your modesty level (for the time being). It’s … [Read more...]

Modesty and Politics

I removed what I quoted earlier, and have added the original article (thanks to Faith/Emuna for sending it to me). Bloggers have to sleep sometime, but in short, the article is mostly about tzniut and how people are not aware of how they let fashion dictate their styles. If long skirts are out, many … [Read more...]

Edah Charedit Claims, Currently Against Shalim

According to Bechadrei Charedim, the Edah Charedit denies being behind the newest posters I reported on earlier.. Actually the posters were not so new. They are six years old, and some of the signatories have passed on. … [Read more...]

Jewish Face-Covering Women Request New School

Photo via Hadrei Haredim I had hoped that with the arrest of Bruria Keren, the trend of face-covering among Jewish women would die out. But according to the website Hadrei Haredim, a growing group of women consider face-covering to be halacha (Jewish law) and convince others to follow. These … [Read more...]

Children of Short-Skirt Wearers Threatened in Bnei Brak

Remember the sign in Neve Yaakov, warning mothers not to sit next to immodestly dressed women in the playground? Today Rafi published a photograph of a pashkevil (wall poster) in Bnei Brak, urging people to "distinguish" themselves from "throwing-off-the-yoke-shortening-the-clothes" women. The … [Read more...]

Tzniut Meme Revisited: Modesty for Jewish Women

Neshama commented on the Tzniut Meme I linked to recently, and explained why she switched from wigs to scarves. She also posted her reactions to a shiur by Rabbi Pinchas Winston on the same topic. I am reprinting the questions here, and am happy to link to bloggers who didn't have a chance to … [Read more...]

Exclusive: Official Haredi Guide to Modest Necklines

This document is entitled: "Common Pitfalls Regarding Necklines." At the bottom (cut off) it reads: These pages have been viewed by Rabbi Nissim Karelitz Shlit"a and Rabbi Moshe Shaul Klein Shlit"a from the rabbinic court of Rabbi Vozner Shlit"a.* You can see common Israeli neckline styles here. … [Read more...]

Thoughts on Face-Covering from Resident of Arab Emirates

"Autumn" left the following comment on the "Burka Wedding" post, in response to a comment by Ora:Ora wrote:"I think there's a big problem with covering the face. It's dehumanizing. I don't know what research, if any, has been done on the subject, but I would think that not seeing a someone's face … [Read more...]