Many posts on A Mother in Israel are social commentary on Israeli and Jewish life. My readers don’t always agree with my point of view, and I constantly learn from their thought-provoking responses. These posts have generated some of the most heated discussion.

Is There a Shidduch Crisis in the Religious Zionist World?

Genetic Testing in the Religious Zionist Community

In Defense of Israeli “Rudeness”

What Defines Israeli Parenting?

Ethiopian Integration in Petach Tikva Schools

Takanah and Elon: Where Was the Mercy for the Victims?

The Elon Scandal: What Can We Learn?

Are Mature Religious Women Leaving the Fold?

Abortion in the Religious Zionist Community

Overparenting and Daycare Dilemmas

Dr. Hanna Katan: Large Families,Yes. Demanding Careers for Mothers, No.

Local Kaballah Cult

Agel Pyramid Scheme Exposed

YNet: Screaming Babies Ignored in Maternity Ward

Why Formula Marketing in Israeli Hospitals is Bad for Babies

Teen Locked in Apartment, Parents Unconcerned

Interview with an Orthodox Sex Therapist

The Cringe Factor (Breastfeeding in Public)

Another Cult Exposed? Megeirot

Where Are the Parents?

Burka Wedding Pictures

Mothering and the Teaching Profession

Rabbinic Advice: Abusive Parents

Rabbi Metzger: Child Abuse Not a Charedi Phenomenon

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