What Are Your Favorite Posts?

Hayim Ozer Street, Petach Tikva

Like Ilana-Davita, I copped out of NaBloPoMo.  By the time I got home from a meeting last night, getting into bed took higher priority.

In the older, Blogger version of this blog, I listed popular posts in the sidebar. I’d appreciate input to do the same here. What do you think I should include?  It can be a post with a memorable discussion or useful information, or perhaps (I hope) one that touched you in some way.

You don’t need to find the post. Just give me a few details and I’ll track it down. Thank you!


  1. Definitely your commentary on Mishpacha Magazines’s “Pesach cleaning” series.

    • Tesyaa-that post got the highest number of hits since I moved my blog. The only competition is the burka wedding pictures post and the Keren stuff.

  2. Love that bench.

    I remember reading about your mom in the early days of your blog, before I was a real reader. I doubt that is popular with most of your readers, but anything about your mom usually strikes a cord inside me. You wrote about her around RH this year.

    And then that post with the pics from during the Gaza war…

  3. http://Ariela says

    The Goats in PT (or was it BB?)

  4. http://Baila says

    I feel totally abandoned. 🙁

  5. Hey Baila, what am I, chopped liver ;)?

  6. http://Baila says

    Robin, you’re right, not totally abandoned, then, just….I don’t even know how I feel. (And the turtle is dead BTW).

  7. Oh, I know that place!

  8. So you copped out too, too bad! I like a lot of your posts so it’s a difficult question.

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