Jerusalem, August 2010


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  1. Sing along everyone… he sees you when you’re sleeping
    he knows when you’re awake
    he knows if you’ve been bad or good
    so be good for goodness sake

  2. Everyone knows that very young babies see black and white before they visually discriminate other colors. Studies also show that young babies respond to pictures of human faces.These are perfect: black hats, white beards, faces.

    Excellent stimulation for the newborn, if you ask me…

  3. Hope the baby doesn’t pee on the pics…

  4. Is that a set of gedolim cards???? I’ve always wondered what they looked like. What are the stats on the back?

    Still chuckling at the first three comments though now I have “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” on the brain… :)

  5. MII, you mean you don’t have these in Petach Tikva?!

    What’s funny is that you can identify the parents’ home base right away simply by the picture set they choose.

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