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Build Your Business with Social Media

Hannah Katsman, Social Media CoachingBy now, you’ve heard it’s essential to embrace social media to promote your small business. Blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter help drive business.  Maybe you have those already, but haven’t succeeded in converting readers to followers or “Likes” to sales.
Streamlining your social media efforts leads to higher profits.
  • Establish your presence with blogging, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.
  • Build a community online.
  • Get followers without spamming.
  • Choose platforms and strategies for your marketing goals.
  • Find customers or clients online.
  • Learn to write for social media.
  • Finalist for 2007 Weblog Award, Best Blog in Africa and the Middle East
  • Content gets more than 60,000 page views monthly
  • Chosen by Jewish Telegraphic Agency as fifth most influential Jewish Tweeter
  • My Facebook pages have more than 1,000 likes
  • Content diversity: A Mother in Israel, putting a local face on international experiences, and Cooking Manager, for frugal cooks
  • Featured speaker on Facebook and social media at various conferences

“As a children’s book author I understand that to “get out there,” I have to be savvy about social networking, but I’m past a certain decade and I find navigating different social networks challenging. That’s why I turned to Hannah Katsman to help me get on the right track.

With a HUGE amount of patience and encouragement, Hannah gave me direction, helped me set up my profiles, convinced me to build an email subscription list for my blogs, and is just there for me whenever I technically glitch – which is often.

Now I can safely say that I’m on my way. I’m building my networks, sharing information and about to get into viral marketing. Thank you, Hannah. Couldn’t have done it without you.”

Tami Lehman-Wilzig December 13, 2011

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