Summer Reading, and Other Activities

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summer-shoes-IsraelMy two oldest sons are training in the south and come home every week or two. My teens are finished with school, and one is about to start a ten-day course for counselors (mashatzim). My younger two still have another week left. After that I am taking them to New York, along with my older daughter, to visit my father and siblings.

Here are some articles for your summer reading pleasure:

Over at Israeli Kitchen, I wrote about keeping a supply of emergency water.

On Cooking Manager, Stay Cool by Drinking Tap Water.

If you ever wondered about whether babies need extra fluids in the summer, see Keep Your Baby Safe and Hydrated in the Summer Heat at Green Prophet.

Haveil Havalim is up at Frume Sarah’s.

More summery posts from A Mother in Israel:

Did you miss Memories of a Bathing Suit, about my conversation with an old friend?

I’ve Been H.A.D. onĀ  my strong feelings regarding heat waves.

Free and Inexpensive Family Day Trips in Israel, a guest post by Robin.

(Mis)Adventures in International Travel, part of a series (that I hope won’t get continued).

I wrote School Expenses in 2006, but haven’t yet updated amounts.

And it’s definitely not too early to start thinking about schoolbooks.

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