Guest Post: Story of Orthodox Teen Pregnancy

The author of today's guest post wishes to remain anonymous:  This story has a happy ending, mostly. It almost didn't. I grew up in a religious household, and I knew what the expectations were, yet when I was eighteen, I became sexually active. When I was twenty, a condom tore. Ten days later, I … [Read more...]

Late-Term Abortions in Israel: Too Many?

My daughter was looking through old newspapers for a project when she called one to my attention. When I say the subtitle "Dozens of Israeli women undergo unnecessary late-term abortions," I thought it would be about cases where the fetus turned out to be healthy. But it turned out that the … [Read more...]

Feticide at 40 Weeks?

Please welcome Amanda Elkohen for this guest post about her third birth. She writes at Rabbi's Wife. This was my third pregnancy. I felt like I had a good handle on things. We traveled to the US in my 6th month with no problems, and I had low blood pressure in my 3rd trimester, which made me … [Read more...]

Are Rabbis Too Strict about Birth Control and Abortion?

The Orthodox website billed the Kolech conference on fertility as an "anti-Puah" event. Puah is an institute that helps couples with issues related to sexual health and fertility in a halachic framework. (A representative of Kolech insisted that the headline was invented by Kipa.) I … [Read more...]

Abortion in the Religious Zionist Community

See below for an update. In this week's newspaper Makor Rishon, Yifat Erlich interviews couples in the national religious community who underwent abortions because of health problems with the fetus. Afraid of criticism from their close-knit communities, many ended up alone during this traumatic … [Read more...]