Breastfeeding in Synagogue Just Fine, Says Rabbi Aviner

I have written about breastfeeding in the synagogue many times, including a guest post on DovBear that earned over 200 comments. One of the main arguments against nursing in shul is that it is somehow improper—even though I've never seen a source prohibiting it. Eating is prohibited in shul … [Read more...]

Links: Bus Segregation, Divorce, Autism, Harsh Parenting

The post on the veiled women of Beit Shemesh led to record traffic over the last few days. I'll be posting some reactions soon. In the meantime, enjoy these links: Miriyummy's husband models the Talit he won at the Galilee Silks contest. A story about a woman who reorganizes your home and … [Read more...]

Thinking of Having Another Baby?

Ima2Seven has a post up about deciding whether or not to have more children. I know a few women who have as many as they can, letting their fertility fade naturally as they get older. Here's what Ima has to say about being a mother of seven: I tell them that it is crazy, and fun, and joyous and … [Read more...]

Tipat Chalav Finally Adopts Growth Charts Based on Breastfed Babies

In 2006 the World Health Organization published growth charts based solely on breastfed babies who received solids at age 4 to 6 months. The Israeli health ministry has finally gotten around to providing them to Tipat Chalav, Israel's well-baby clinics. The babies measured for the new charts were … [Read more...]

Reports: Widespread Damage to Remedia Babies 7 Years Later

In November 2003 three Israeli babies died after having been fed Remedia soy formula, which turned out not to contain the essential vitamin B1. Dozens of other children suffered severe damage, with a third dying just two weeks ago. (The article that mentioned the recent death said it was the third … [Read more...]

Babies and Bullies

I've been telling everyone I meet about a blog post from the New York Times called Fighting Bullying with Babies. It's about a program, Roots, that brings babies to elementary school classrooms once a month. After Manitoba completed the program into 300  schools, violence decreased by 50%. Not only … [Read more...]

Jerusalem’s New Mother-Friendly US Consulate

Please welcome Chana Jenny Weisberg for today's guest post. Mazal tov on your new baby, Chana! Until recently, I found registering new babies at Jerusalem's US Consulate almost as harrowing as the births themselves. So when I went to register the birth of my baby at the brand new US consulate … [Read more...]

Tipat Chalav Survival Guide for Parents

On Twitter, @mrsroth mentioned how a nurse handed her 18-month-old a cup and spoon. The little girl started to "stir" with the spoon, but failed that developmental task because she was supposed to pretend to eat from the bowl. Everyone loves to complain about Tipat Chalav, the network of … [Read more...]

Toddlers and Weight Gain

Last week I posted about a child put in foster care because the parents refused to follow medical advice to fatten him up with junk food. When experts also failed to increase his weight, the authorities admitted that the parents weren't the problem and the family was reunited. Over the years I've … [Read more...]

Child Put in Foster Care When Parents Refused to Offer Junk Food

This is for the many parents of children who do not grow according to charts, and have been told over the years to feed formula instead of breastfeeding or to give a child cornflour, Bamba or other high-calorie, low-nutrient food so he will gain weight. The Daily Mail reports on a child put into … [Read more...]