Modern Orthodox Education: Cholent, YouTube, and Girls Jumping over the Line

A few weeks ago, I covered an event sponsored by Yeshiva University in Israel for the Jerusalem Post's In Jerusalem. The report appeared on Friday, February 2, and is reprinted with permission.  Click here to see my interview with President Joel. Yeshiva University Tackles the Modern Questions By … [Read more...]

How To Combat Bullying in the Jewish Community

This year I again attended the conference, Shedding Light on the Darkness of Abuse, sponsored by the Tahel Jerusalem Crisis Center for Women and Children. The conference addressed a wide range of issues relating to treatment and prevention of abuse. The conference also addressed abuse by peers, … [Read more...]

We Can’t Afford to Wait Until 12th Grade: Sexuality Awareness in the Religious Community

We judge a society not only by what they talk about, but also by what they don't talk about. This was the theme of an event on sexuality in the religious community, organized by Tzohar. Rabbis belonging to Tzohar conduct Orthodox weddings throughout the country, with an emphasis on a meaningful, … [Read more...]

Is a Long Day of Gan Good?

The education ministry's extension of hours for state-run preschools and kindergartens raises practical and educational questions.   Background: In the last several years, Israel's education ministry has been gradually extending the hours of gan (preschool or kindergarten) for 3 to 5 year … [Read more...]

Olim Seek Religiously Tolerant Neighborhood

Reader Debbie is making aliyah with two children, aged 6 and 14. She writes: My husband is in the IT field so we are thinking of living within commuting distance of Tel Aviv or Jerusalem or both, if possible. We have been exploring the idea of living, so far, in Ra'anana, Mo'diin, and … [Read more...]

Gender Separation in Religious Schools

The Shabbat alon Matzav Haruach published an article by Neemanei Torah ve-Avoda. The liberal Orthodox group connected with the religious kibbutz movement wants to return to mixed-gender classes in religious elementary schools. Actually article is not really the correct term, as it was more of a … [Read more...]

Sending a Child to a School Where She’s Not Wanted

Rafi left the following comment on the story of the principal from Beit Shemesh who threatened a student with social isolation: It is sad that this is happening, and I don't understand why the parents insist on sending the kid to this school that doesn't want her. Whatever the reason is, right or … [Read more...]

In Which My Daughter and I Are Happy

On the day before my first-grader's siddur party to celebrate receiving her first prayer-book, she brought a note home from school. The teacher had written the following for my daughter to memorize: "I am honored to invite Mr. RH, head of the local education ministry, to say a few words."  I asked … [Read more...]

Local Principal Takes Stand on Cheating

We often hear stories about condoning cheating in Israeli schools, and in the religious sector as well. One a retired teacher told me she didn't see anything wrong with it. She cheated as a student, and her children did, too. Image by Mr_Stein via Flickr So I found it refreshing when my … [Read more...]

Ethiopian Integration in Petach Tikva Religious Schools

Petach Tikva has always been in the forefront of the debate over exclusivity and inclusion in the state religious school system. Introduction: A Short History of Integration and Private Schools in Petach Tikva Petach Tikva has both affluent and poor neighborhoods. There has long been bad feeling … [Read more...]