Exclusion of (Breastfeeding) Women in Beit Shemesh and Hod Hasharon

Public breastfeeding is in the news again, after a nursing mom was asked to leave a café in the Sharonim mall in Hod Hasharon. Tal Eisenberg asked a waitress to find her a comfortable seat to nurse her baby. Tal then overheard the shift manager asking the waitress whether Tal was nursing, and … [Read more...]

The Zen of Public Breastfeeding

Please welcome today's guest post by Miriam Kresh. Let it be said yet again: a woman can breastfeed in public with total modesty. Even in the middle of a bustling Middle-Eastern open-air market. Honest. I saw it myself last week in the local shuk. The scene was so modest as to be almost … [Read more...]

Why Can’t Breastfeeding Mothers Just Be Nice?

When someone posted a picture of a Jewish TV celebrity breastfeeding on the subway, it prompted a hot Twitter debate about whether breastfeeding in public is inconsiderate. Seeing a mother breastfeeding, even if nothing shows, makes some people uncomfortable. That feeling is unlikely to change, … [Read more...]

Modiin Mom Told to Nurse in the Changing Room

Yiska visited a mall in Modiin with her young baby. Here is her story:I was at the mall this morning with my 3-week-old daughter. While modestly nursing her, a security guard approached me and told me I shouldn't nurse in public, and that there is a changing room which I should use, "so everyone … [Read more...]