Does Tzipi Hotovely Represent Religious Zionist Women?

32-year-old Likud member Tzipi Hotovely is Chairwoman of the Knesset Committee for the Advancement of Women. In honor of International Women's Day, Haaretz asked Hotovely whether Women's Day was a happy day for Israeli women. Here is part of the interview, but I recommend reading the whole … [Read more...]

Fearful Parents Promoting Young Marriage: Zionist Wedding Series #11

This is the 11th post in a series on Marriage in the religious Zionist community in Israel. I: Dating Readiness, II: Meeting the One, III: Genetic Testing, IV: Dating Venues,¬† V: Shidduch Crisis?, VI: Internet Dating, VIII: Wedding Costs, IX: Planning Tips, XI: Diabetes,Genetics and … [Read more...]

Takanah and Elon: Where Was Pity for Victims?

In recent days prominent rabbi Mordechai (Moti) Elon, founder of the religious Zionist outreach organization¬† Mibereshit, has been accused of sexual harassment of young men in counseling situations. The religious Zionist forum Takanah (mentioned in the case of the founder of Megeirot) learned of the … [Read more...]

Is There a Shidduch Crisis in the Religious Zionist World?

This is the fifth in a series on dating and marriage in the religious Zionist community in Israel. Previous posts in the series: Part I: Dating Readiness Part II: Meeting the One Part III: Genetic Testing Part IV: Dating Venues VI: Internet Dating VII: Paying the Shadchan, or … [Read more...]