Supply and Demand in Breastfeeding at Green Prophet

I have a guest post up at Green Prophet, Breastfeeding and "Supply and Demand." If you know anyone worried about not having enough milk, this is a good place to start. … [Read more...]

My Favorite Parenting Books

In honor of Sephardi Lady's excellent post on parenting, or lack thereof, in the Orthodox Jewish community, I present some of my favorite parenting books. All of them promote a close, loving connection with children based on respecting their individual personalities and legitimate needs. Some people … [Read more...]

Sex vs. Breastfeeding

Note: The columns by Rabbi Boteach are no longer available online. Rabbi Boteach urged a mother of an 11-month-old to wean in order to preserve her marriage.  I agree with him that having a strong marriage is a top priority. If one or both partners are unhappy the children will suffer, and will … [Read more...]