The Watermelon Horse

Watermelon Horse
Israel is a country of contradictions. You can walk down the street and find futuristic robots , a herd of goats, or the owner of a horse and cart making a sale.

My husband made up a song he calls, “Do you know the watermelon horse?,” based on the song about the muffin man. When the children don’t want to get dressed he tells them a story about a child who tries to buy watermelon. The watermelon man won’t sell to the child because he or she doesn’t have on a shirt, shoes, or whatever.

The police closed off our street yet a third time on Friday because of what turned out to be a bag of used clothes left at the bus stop. This time of year people often leave used clothes in good condition at the side of the road. This bag was closed but I don’t know what is happening. Perhaps the neighbors have become more vigilant.

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  1. Interesting photo. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for submitting this one to JPIX. Yes, we are inching closer to June, when there will be another JPIX edition, and this is a great one! Enjoy the melons (assuming you have bought some, as they seem to be in season by the ones that are cut).

  3. Enjoy the melons (assuming you have bought some, as they seem to be in season by the ones that are cut).

    Avatiach al hasakin, or very often the watermelon seller will allow you to taste the watermelon before buying. They will cut a small wedge out for you to taste.

    MII, do you still see the mashchiz skinim around, used to be on a bike, now in a small truck? Usually on erev shabbat, but very often before chagim? My grandfather, who lived in Kfar Sirkin at the time, was the mashchiz skinim in Petach Tikvah, and rode around on a bike for most of the 40’s and early 50’s. I think he might have also delivered ice periodically.

  4. What fun!

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