Updates and list of injured soldiers and civilians

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I am reposting the following from an email list called Survival During Hard Times. Please send updates or corrections to mominisrael@gmail.com.

When Jews pray for the sick, they include the patient’s Hebrew first (and middle) name, the word “ben” for son of or “bat” for daughter of, and the mother’s Hebrew name.

Updated January 26, 2009

Please pray for our wounded soldiers and civilians. This list below is
incomplete. Please send us any more names that should be included
here, mother’s names where missing, corrections and/or any other

updated info about the condition of these soldiers.

May we only hear good news and may they all be healed b’ezrat HaShem

(G-d willing).

This message was forwarded to us:

Netanel ben Mazel Tov, Israeli soldier wounded in his right arm and
leg, asks us to convey this message: “Thank you for all your prayers
for us soldiers. All the prayers help. May G-d repay you only good.”
Then he beseeches us to pray for his buddy Ben, who needs prayers far
more than he does. Ben ben Batya is in critical condition.

Please pray for our wounded soldiers and civilians. Please send us
any more names that should be included here, mother’s names where
missing, corrections and/or any other updated info about the
condition of these soldiers.

May we only hear good news and may they all be healed b’ezrat HaShem
(G-d willing).

Wounded Soldiers:

Gilad ben Aviva Shalit – soldier kidnapped by Hamas more than 3 years
ago & Hamas claims he was injured in Israeli air-raid. They also say
they are no longer interested in him. We don’t know what has happened
to him or how.

Roi ben Dina – very seriously wounded 1 day before the cease fire;

Ben ben Katie – very seriously wounded 1 day before the cease fire;

Ido ben Rachel; – was almost d.o.a. on arrival at the hospital, but
BH is alive but in need of a lot of prayer;

Li’El Hoshea ben Miriam – critical (enoshot) head injuries;

Wahal Mijan (Val Jenam?) – critical (enosh), has metal shards in his
brain, has had 3 operations & doctors are battling to save his life;

Ben ben Netiva – critical (enosh) with head injuries & has had 1 hand
amputated & doctors are battling to save his other hand;

Ben ben Batya – critical (enosh);

Neriya ben Rivka – very serious head injury;

Dvir ben Leah – very seriously injured legs and is not fully

Noam ben Aliza – one leg amputated; doctors fighting to save the

Aharon Yehoshua ben Chaya Shoshana – He got married Thursday night.
Friday he went into Gaza. He was critically (enosh) injured head
injuries Jan. 12. He needs our tefillot desperately;
Re-gained consciousness 20.1.99 and has been removed from life-
support BH but has a way to go until full recovery.

Yosef Chaim ben Ziva – very seriously injured on the entire left side
of his body- has regained consciousness BH but is still in intensive

Mor Mordechai ben Orna – very serious leg injures;

Moshe ben Chana Malka – has had hand amputated;

Aviv ben “Sarah Imenu” – serious condition

Raphael ben Dina – was very seriously injured; no longer in life-
threatening danger after a successful operation BH but has a long
road ahead to full recovery;

Oren ben Ilana – seriously injured shoulder & hand – has had 1 finger

Ronen Chai ben Leah – seriously injured;

Ron ben Havatzelet – seriously injured with shrapnel over all of his

Eitan ben Sarah – very serious leg injury;

Gal ben Hedva – serious facial maxillary injuries from shrapnel;

Netanel ben Fanny – very seriously injured;

Nechemia Shalom Dov Ber ben Arlene – He is recuperating from an
operation to remove shrapnel that had exploded in his eye. He is in
condition, with burns and bandages all over his face, head and arm.
The family asked that everyone say Tehilim for a complete recovery;

Avraham (Avi) Aharon ben Shoshana Raizel – moderately wounded Jan.
14, 2009 by anti-tank missile;

Yehoshua ben Naomi

Edward ben Sarah – serious hand injury;

Ran ben Merril – moderate shoulder injury;

Idan ben Nadi – moderate shrapnel injuries;

Yitzchak ben Navah – moderate shoulder injury;

Netanel ben Navah – moderate shrapnel wounds;

Netanel ben Mazal Tov – shrapnel wounds to legs, fractured right arm,
ear drum injury;

Geva ben Avital – moderately injured;

Rotem ben Leah; moderately injured;

Ohad ben Bracha – moderate facial injuries;

Or ben Rachel – Moderately injured;

Itai ben Rina – moderate abdominal injuries;

Ron ben Bailah – moderately injured;

Moshe ben Dinah – hand injuries;

Eran ben Batsheva – hand injuries;

Avishai ben Miriam – leg injuries;

Maxim ben Olga – light lower leg injury, operation to remove shrapnel;

Yisrael ben Ilana – light shrapnel injury to an ear;

Yo’ad Ido ben Frieda Elka- light shrapnel injuries;

Idan ben Liora – light shrapnel injuries;

Nadav ben Miriam (Maria) – light shrapnel injuries;

Sagi ben Osnat – light shrapnel injuries to his leg;

Tal ben Anat – leg injuries;

Omer ben Dorit – light shrapnel inuries to legs;

Lior ben Mazal – leg injuries from shrapnel;

Evgeny ben Elizabeth – leg injury;

Chaim Moshe Naftali ben Ruth Reizel – lightly injured

Shachaf ben Dalia – light hand injuries;

Tom ben Chana – hit by shrapnel in ribs next to lungs;

Yakov (Koby) ben Orly – facial injuries;

Yakov ben Yardena – neck and back injuries;

Gal ben Aliza – leg injuries;

Moshe ben Pnina Rose

Oleg ben “Sarah Imenu”

Daniel ben “Sarah Imenu”– shrapnel wounds near eyes;

Yaakov ben “Sarah Imenu”- hit by shrapnel in his neck that
miraculously missed his jugular vein BH;

Moshe ben Pnina Rose

Wounded civilians:

Or’El Ben Angela – age 7 son of Angela and Avi Alizrof who was
very seriously injured in GRAD attack in Beersheva today, Jan.
15.Doctors are battling to save his life. Both were riding in a car that took a direct hit and they were thrown out of the car seconds before the car blew up and caught on fire. Witnesses said it
was a miracle. Angela is a nurse in Soroka Hospital. Her little 7 year
old boy is very seriously injured with metal shrapnel in his head.

Moshe Refael ben Aliza Chaya – shot and badly wounded head by
terrorists Jan. 19 in Binyamin region

Gavriel ben Sarah from Sderot – child in severe shock from kassam
Yakov ben Rivka – very seriously injured from kassam rocket;
Bat El Hila bat Phoebe –age 31 seriously injured abdomen from kassam
rocket that fell in Netivot, has undergone 7 operations;
Gila bat Odelia – moderately injured by kassam attack in Netivot;
Gila bat Chana – age 56, shrapnel in back and severe post traumatic
shock from witnessing neighbor killed in kassam attack Netivot;
Yakov ben Miriam – 83 wounded rocket explosion suffering injuries to
left leg and blood vessels, also damage to hearing and sight;
Michael ben Anna, 23 seriously wounded left leg, has undergone 6
operations and will need at least 4 more;
Avi ben Chamo – about age 60, lightly injured shrapnel in cheek from
kassam fired on Sderot;

Kidnapped & Missing Soldiers:

Ron ben Batya (Arad)
Guy ben Rina (Hever)
Tzvi ben Pninah (Feldman),
Yekutiel Yehuda Nachman ben Sarah (Katz),
Zecharia Shlomo ben Miriam (Baumel
Majdi Halabi

Soldiers who Have Been Healed of their Wounds – Baruch HaShem (thank God)

Yedidya ben Shira
Elishama Shalom ben Rivka Leah

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  1. Lion of Zion says:

    you left off one name from the list of missing/kidnapped soldiers.
    it’s amazing that there is so much military action taking place in gaza, yet i hear no one speaking about rescuing him as a goal.
    i assume that one reason not to include his rescue as a goal of the war is so that the government doesn’t look weak (to israelis or arabs) if it can’t bring him home (as in lebanon, where this was an expected goal)

  2. mother in israel says:

    LOZ: His name is on the top of the list of injured, but I copied it to the list of missing/kidnapped soldiers as well.
    Israelis haven’t forgotten about Shalit.

  3. Lion of Zion says:

    yeah, i noticed it on top when i went back to link to the post.
    i’m sure they haven’t forgotten, but are people hopeful that the army will bring him home?

  4. johnhoffman says:

    I’ll also pray for the arabs, who have been living under OCCUPATION for over 60 years.

  5. israel is not telling truth on number of killed soldiers as usual. the lebannon conflict of 119 is wrong its 121!

  6. good to hear at least one jew cares about palestinians, average people who didnt deserve this destruction…these kids will grow up traumatic with killing jews as their life’s goal..no wonder..then people ll call em terrorists never asking whats the root of problem?DUH! Hamas is here to stay stronger, Arafat was only one from Fata they respected as former fighter!

  7. John Paul 2 visit in 2ooo, its a shame israel forgot his messages of hope..2o th century started with hope!

  8. Above casualty statement has merits…according to today s new york times one israeli soldier was killed by suicide bomber and there r many more..deaths not included in official casualty mfa list!!!FACTS..reason?psychological warfare that ll backfire!

  9. I dont think its fair to israelis that their gov is keeping quiet on real number of deaths, all these war criminals do is bs themselves n world but what goes up will come down hard, crashing on their stupid ignorant hypocritical lying empty heads..im surprised peres is no better..noblepeace!prize? LOL

  10. I wonder if egypt could give gaza 100km2 of land…poor gazans even ran out of burial place now that cemeteries bombed! even dead are super dangerterrorists!

  11. Avi Ben Shoshana full name is Avraham Aharon ben Shoshana Raizel. He is B”H out of surgery. Continue to daven for him.

  12. mother in israel says:

    ast613–I updated the list. Thank you.

  13. mother in israel says:

    Is Avraham Aharon’s last name Balut?

  14. you might want to add Jonathan ben malka (jonathan pollard to your list)

  15. Thanks for keeping this updated, I had been looking for such a list and was unable to locate it. (I wasn’t able to find the e-mail list you mentioned, it doesn’t seem to be on Yahoo, how does one subscribe?)

  16. mother in israel says:

    Hi Tehillah,
    If that doesn’t work email me.

  17. ana not quiet says:

    so u take away warnings that could help israel? what war victory?its like eleqgant defeatin ant wow!now movin towards legal nitemares next stage battlezone! iran eg kickin out coca cola people..justly! anything american or jew! assumin there s freedom of expression in israel

  18. Israel crisis says:

    elephant vs ant not much of a contest except if its atom ant! good points!