Books Reviewed in 2009

Cover of "In the Woods"
Cover of In the Woods

Ilana-Davita asked bloggers to highlight book reviews of 2009. Here are the reviews that appeared on A Mother in Israel 2009:

Through the Narrow Gate, a memoir by former nun Karen Armstrong.

Run, a family drama by Ann Patchett.

Backstage with Chaverim Boys Choir, a children’s book by Israeli teen Chaya Rosen.

People of the Book, an historical novel by Geraldine Brooks, inspired by the history of the Sarajevo Haggadah.

Saving Israel, a defense of Israel and suggestions for the future, by Daniel Gordis

The Girl Who Played with Fire, a suspense novel by Swedish author Stiegg Larsson.

Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean, a history of  legal and illegal commerce and settlement by Jews in the New World during the Spanish Inquisition, by Edward Kritzler.

I also would have liked to review In the Woods, a psychological detective story by Tana French
and The Ordeal of Elizabeth Marsh: A Woman in World History by Linda Colley. Colley tells the history of 18th-century commerce and sea travel through a study of one woman and her family. Jews, because of international connections through the Jewish community and a broad knowledge of language, were prominent in sea trade during this period as well.

What did you read in 2009?

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