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  1. I am considering naming my child the following. I know (or I think) these words are not names, but I like their meaning. I like how they all sound in English, but: What do they sound like as names in Hebrew?

    Erraní / Ehraní ???????
    Kol ???
    Ketzev ???
    Adiv ????
    Kishar ???????

    • Since the Hebrew letters didn’t come out, here are the meanings so you know what words I mean:

      Erraní / Ehraní — Alert, aware
      Kol — Voice
      Ketzev — Rhythm, beat
      Adiv — Tender, gentle
      Kishar — without guile, honest

      Also, do any of these strike you as strongly boys’ or girls’ names?


      • Hi Talia:
        I ran these by my husband and teen daughter.
        Eran is common, so Erani just sounds like a nickname for it.
        Kol and Ketzev sound strange to us. Kol also means “all,” but with a different spelling.
        My husband heard of someone named Adiv. We like, but people will confuse it with Adi.
        Kishar–there are people named Yashar with that meaning. Kishar is not grammatical and sounds like the prefix was added erroneously.

  2. Interesting to me that Americans want to name their kids things that sound OK in Israel but will be considered pretty weird/hard to pronounce here.