religious mother nursing with breastfeeding coverTop Posts on Breastfeeding at A Mother in Israel

Breastfeeding in the media:

Breastfeeding Preschoolers: Not Sensational at All (Response to Time Magazine cover)

Jewish Mother Guilt and Breastfeeding

Breast Cancer and Breastfeeding: What if Women Didn’t Have Breasts?

Review of New Womanly Art of Breastfeeding

Flaws in Study of Breastfeeding and Dairy Allergy

Breastfeeding Information for Mothers:

Breastfeeding Late Preterm Babies

Keeping Up with Supply and Demand (Guest Post on Green Prophet)

10 Ways to Buy Less when You Breastfeed Your Baby

Ten Misconceptions about Breastfeeding Your Baby

Guest Post by Barbara: Miracles of Motherhood (Premies)

Breastfeeding and Cosmetic Breast Surgery in Israel

Toddlers and Weight Gain

When to Start Solid Foods

Babies and Breastfeeding: What Do You Know Now that You Wish You Had Then?

Breastfeeding Basics with Christina Smillie

Guest Post at Crunchy Domestic Goddess on Diane Wiessinger’s Visit to Israel: Watch Your Language

Guest Post by Ariela: Breastfeeding and the Working Mother

Breastfeeding Toddlers: Not Sensational at All (Response to Time Magazine cover with comments from the mother who posed, Jamie Lynn Grumet)

Women’s Health

Breastfeeding: An Optimal Way to Space Babies

Breastfeeding, Babies and Hormonal Birth Control

Israeli Breastfeeding Policies

Health Ministry Offers Choice to New Mothers–Between Two Breastmilk Substitutes   (April 2013)

Haredi Public Shortchanged by Formula Freebies

Proposed Law Promotes Breastfeeding in Israeli Hospitals

 Tipat Halav Adopts Weight Charts Based on Breastfed Babies (Update Jan. 2012–they are not in the computers yet)

Breastfeeding Twins in an Israeli Hospital

Ynet: Screaming Babies Ignored in Hospital Ward

Breastfeeding and Introduction of Solid Foods: New Guidelines from Israel Health Ministry

Bullying over Breastmilk Storage

Breastfeeding in Public

Israeli Moms Protest Breastfeeding Harassment

The “Cringe” Factor: Breastfeeding in Public

Modiin Mom Told to Nurse in Changing Room

Exclusion of (Breastfeeding) Women

Why Can’t Breastfeeding Mothers Just Be Nice?

The Zen of Public Breastfeeding (Guest Post by Miriam Kresh)

Is Public Breastfeeding “Immodest”? An Orthodox Jewish Perspective

Rabbi Aviner: Nursing in Shul Just Fine

Rabbi Eliyahu Against Nursing in Bathrooms

Breastfeeding and Judaism

Nursing in the Ezrat Nashim (Nursing in the Synagogue)

Dr. Jack Newman in Israel: Heroin, Rugrats, and More

Sex vs. Breastfeeding

Dads and Breastfeeding: More on Rabbi Boteach

No, Emuna, There Are No Lactation Police

Breastfeeding and Fasting

Is Public Breastfeeding “Immodest”? An Orthodox Jewish Perspective

Breastfeeding and Judaism, or Why Moses’ Mother Didn’t Put Bottles into the Ark of Bulrushes

Rabbi Elgazi on Breastfeeding, Pregnancy, Fasting on Yom Kippur (2012)

Rabbi Aviner: Nursing in Shul Just Fine

Rabbi Eliyahu Against Nursing in Bathrooms


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