I hope you will enjoy the blog whether you are a native Israeli, an immigrant, or a resident of another country. Still, I’ve collected what I think are the most useful posts for new olim (immigrants to Israel) and divided them into four categories: Parenting, Education, Household Management and Cultural Adjustment. Please share, sign up to get new posts by email, and enjoy the supportive community. I welcome questions and suggestions for future posts.


The Best Last Minute Pre-Aliyah Tips


Should We Make Aliyah in the Middle of the School Year?

Raising Kids Where Neglect is Normal

What Defines Israeli Parenting?

Thinking Outside the Misgeret (Israeli Norms and Small Children)

Child Safety

Babies and Hospitals

Free Summer Camp

Israeli Playdate Etiquette

Ultimate Guide to Getting Rid of Lice

Should I Send My Child to an English Gan?


Getting Help for Special Needs Children

Olim and Daycare: Don’t Lower Your Standards

Choosing an Elementary School in Israel

Gan Finances

School Expenses

A Tale of Two Schools

Gifted Education in Israel

School Supply Survival Guide

Bilingualism and English-Speaking Ganim

Household Management

More Water-Saving Suggestions

This is the Way We Wash the Floor

Ma, We Live in a Slum

Unofficial Guide to Pesach Shopping in Israel

Unofficial Guide to Israeli Vermin

Navigating an Israeli Supermarket

Washing Machines and Laundry

Ten Tips for Frugal Grocery Shopping in Israel, at Kosher on a Budget.

Cultural Adjustment

Olim Seek Religiously Tolerant Neighborhood

Finding Your Place in a New Community (guest post at An Englishman in New Jersey)

The Woman Who Never Says Hello

Cultural Differences

Hug Your Community Moderator Today

We Don’t Even Remember

Only in Israel: Banking Bureaucracy

Number One Reason for Making Aliyah

My Aliyah Part I

My Aliyah Part II

My Run-In with Security


Help this Reader Choose a Neighborhood

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