Finally, Eight Things about Me

I can’t even remember who tagged me anymore, but thanks to whoever it was! I see that Aidel Maidel tagged me again. Okay, I just checked and Frumhouse taged me first, some time in June.

  1. I used to be great at Jewish geography. Give me a US or Canadian city, and I could come up with a few names of Jews from there. I knew lots of people through camp and NCSY and have a great memory for names, phone numbers, and connections.
  2. However, I could easily pass on the street an old friend I hadn’t seen in a long time, especially if she had changed her “look.”
  3. I spent hours in high school reading obscure ancient texts aloud to my scholarly, visually impaired father. I must be one of the few people in the world with that teenage experience.
  4. I’m allergic to two foods, buckwheat and red food coloring E-122/124. Even a piece of cake with a stripe of red frosting will make my lip swell. It took years till I deduced the cause–when I was about six, after having eaten a large quantity of chocolate ice cream, my lips swelled so much I couldn’t close my mouth. Buckwheat does something to my throat. Apparently both are common allergens.
  5. I had a Conservative Bat Mitzvah, at age 13, on a Friday night. In those days a big issue in the Conservative movement was whether to allow Bat Mitzvahs on Shabbat morning. (My parents were opposed and finally left the shul when it became fully egalitarian.) I chanted a haftarah that I had chosen.
  6. I have foot problems. Despite orthotics, my feet still hurt. I have gotten used to it.
  7. I have light skin, and I hate being out in the sun. I enjoy the beach only on cloudy days.
  8. And in response to comments on the previous post, no, I do not stuff my kids with food at every opportunity. In my house, the children decide how much they want to eat. Even babies. And they are all slim, thank G-d, but only one or two might end up as slim as the oldest.

If you haven’t been tagged yet, consider this it.