Green links and the water shortage

Super Raizy hosts Haveil Havalim: The Super-Hero Edition of the Jewish-Israeli blog carnival.
Ilana-Davita hosts the “Green” edition of the Kosher Cooking Carnival.
Speaking of green, I ask whether whether a traditional eastern European diet is “kosher” for your health on the Israeli environmental blog Green Prophet.
This website points out the lack of Jewish chaplains in the American military and suggests ways to help, such as hosting military personnel within your community.
And last but not least, a subject much on my mind but so depressing I have avoided writing much about it–Israel’s drastic water shortage. Here’s the money quote from Haaretz (emphasis mine):

Committee chairman MK Ophir Pines-Paz acknowledged that “the crisis is severe, but there is no sense of crisis and no one is behaving as if it were a crisis. We expect the government to adopt a determined, aggressive police of enforcement and punishment, including criminal charges [against violators of water restriction regulations].”

Most water is used for industry and agriculture, but homeowners are not being taught or encouraged to save water except for a few ineffective ads that seem to have gone off the air. As for the weather, we keep getting predictions of several rainy days. Then we end up with a few minutes of precipitation and a revised, arid prediction.