Judge’s Garb an Issue in Child Abuse Trial

Ynet has news on the trial of the mother of twelve from Beit Shemesh who has been accused of child abuse.

The mentally handicapped son is scheduled to testify. In an unusual move, the judge and lawyers will wear civilian clothing, because the traditional black cloaks normally required by law might remind the son of his mother and scare him.

The article refers to other dramas in the six-month long trial. A month and a half ago, the lawyer of the accused claimed the prison system was condemning her client to death by not providing her with vegan meals. [The early articles written about her discuss her interest in nutrition, and I know a woman who attended a class she gave on the subject.]

According to the article, another child testified using a video hookup, because he feared [chashash] the presence of his parents in the courtroom.

The trial is being held behind closed doors.