Keren interrogation transcript–selected quotes

Here are the highlights of the Maariv article, containing a leaked transcript of the interrogation with the hyper-modest mother of 12 accused of child abuse.

“I’m careful to hit only after I’m calm”

“The mother from Beit Shemesh denies that her children had sexual relations or that she abused them. Maybe symbolic hits. The transcripts of her investigation expose what is hiding behind the black clothes.”

By Shmuel Mittelman and Ami ben David.

“Don’t make me into a monster. . . My prayers prevent terror attacks in Beit Shemesh. The heavens want me to pray, and whenever someone interrupts my prayers, something bad happens to him. I didn’t hit my children cruelly. I gave them light hits, symbolic ones, without any physical damage. . .every mother can give a slap to a child once in a while for educational purposes. It’s my right to throw a “kavkav” (shoe without a back; nowadays a beach shoe) on a child who hits his siblings. . .the daughter that got hit by the rolling pin and whose nose bled, simply was pushed against me instead of going backward. . . I’m careful to hit only when I am calm . . . I don’t believe that my children committed incest with one another . . . I know how to heal children better than the doctors. “

“These are only part of the extreme, even delusional statements of B., the haredi mother from Beit Shemesh, during her police investigation in recent weeks.”

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