Mnemonic for Noachide Laws

Ilana-Davita posted about the seven Noachide laws. According to Jewish tradition, these commandments are also binding on non-Jews. Here’s a mnemonic for remembering them:

Aleph-Bet-Gimel-Dalet and the Big Three
  • ? Aleph–Ever min hachai, the prohibition against eating a limb from a living animal
  • ? Bet–Birkat Hashem, blessing of God– a euphemism for the prohibition against blasphemy
  • ? Gimmel–Gezel, the prohibition against stealing
  • ? Dalet–Dinim, the obligation to set up a court system to enforce the law and settle disputes.

The Big Three refer to transgressions that are so serious, Jews are required to martyr themselves rather than commit them. Unfortunately Jews have had many such opportunities. I don’t believe that Noachide laws require the same of non-Jews.

The Big Three:

  1. Shfichut Damim, spilling blood i.e. murder
  2. Avodah Zarah, idolatry
  3. Gilui Arayot, sexual transgressions such as adultery.