Riddle answer

The riddle can be found here. Rafi figured it out right away. Here’s what happened:

After the annual Yom Haatzmaut family barbecue was cancelled because of illness, we decided to go on a hike. (Unfortunately some of us ended up sitting at the rest area because of a child with a stomachache who refused to walk, but never mind.) Because I like to be organized, I had a quick dinner planned for afterward: I put up water for spaghetti, and put some fresh tomatoes into a fleishig (meat) pot along with tomato paste (because I was out of canned tomatoes), some cooked beans (I usually keep a supply in the freezer) and meat sauce leftover from Pesach, also from the freezer (you may remember my discussion of Pesach soup–I thought Pesach chili would be an interesting change). But when I tipped in the sauce, I discovered fish in it. I had planned to add some cooked ground turkey. The good news is that I guess I finished all the Pesach sauce pretty early this year!

So I was left with a tomato sauce with fish and beans that couldn’t be eaten with the turkey that I planned to serve. I added some onions and zucchini to it, but it was still a bit disappointing. I served the tomato/fish/bean sauce as soup a couple of times, but my husband and I were the only ones who touched it. I do think canned tomatoes would have improved it tremendously. I later added some cabbage to give it more flavor. It just bugs me that I can’t take the cup or two that are back in my freezer and add them to cholent (because we don’t mix fish and meat) or to a pareve or dairy soup or sauce (because it was cooked in a meat pot).