Uncovering Gay “Conversion Therapy”

Goldwasser at Beit Shemesh anti-abuse event.

Goldwasser speaks

Psychologist Dr. Norman Goldwasser is a controversial figure. Some laud him for innovative treatments of trauma patients. But he has also been criticized for endorsing “conversion “or “reparative” therapy” to lessen or eliminate homosexual tendencies. This type of therapy has been thoroughly discredited.

When I heard Goldwasser was going to speak in Israel last April at an event co-sponsored by Jewish Community Watch and Magen, two child sex abuse advocacy organizations, I decided to attend. Once he started speaking I decided to record his words on my phone, in case I would want to post about him in the future.

In his talk, he spoke derisively of homosexuals, and implied that sexual abuse can lead to homosexuality. This attitude makes it harder for homosexuals or those unsure of their sexual orientation to feel safe enough to come forward. I shared my recording with a few individuals privately, expecting they would respect my intellectual property rights. Months passed, until Goldwasser was scheduled to speak at a conference sponsored by Tzedek, an Australian advocacy group for Jewish victims of child sexual abuse.

At that point other sources picked up on the recording and posted it without attribution. While I would have appreciated credit, I’m glad that my foresight may have contributed to uncovering Goldwasser’s views, so that Tzedek could make an informed decision.

Ultimately, Tzedek canceled the event with Goldwasser.

You can hear Goldwasser in his own words:

Audio version of talk by Norman Goldwasser, Beit Shemesh JCW event, April 26, 2015

“One of the worst stories” begins at about minute 5:00.

Here is the SoundCloud version of the talk:

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  1. I am not an expert , just try to empathize with people and their challenges , but it seems to me that the whole gay issue is very much influenced by what is politically correct

  2. Great point of view.This implied that sexual abuse can lead to homosexuality. We are all human, we have our own decisions in life.

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