Central Area Instructed to Prepare Shelters (awaiting confirmation)

Update: I’m still waiting for confirmation of this story. I haven’t heard of a public announcement by the Homefront Command.

Breaking news via Jameel:

Update: There was no announcement about this on the 3:00 news.

2:04 PM IDF Homefront Command starts to distribute emergency directions for Rocket Attacks…in Tel Aviv. (source, see below for scanned copy)

With Hamas Rocket ranges now reaching 60 kilometers (as reported here at the Muqata, from Israel Radio), the IDF Homefront command has started preparing for the eventuality that Hamas rockets will reach the Tel Aviv area. Also included is the Beit Shemesh area, Modi’in, Ramla, Lod, Bnei Brak, Rechovot, Holon, Givaatayim, Petach Tikva…

That’s us, folks.

UPDATE: Jameel calculates that Petach Tikva, where I live, is just outside of the sixty-kilometer range. So we are okay for today.

Ynet has more (now in English). I will try to update with more information during the day.

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