21 Ways to Help Israel

The following guest post was contributed by Naomi Feinmesser. Israel is at war, and over the last few weeks, I have received requests from across the globe from friends, family, friends of friends and friends of family, asking me if I know any ways that they can help Israel in her time of need. … [Read more...]

Gas Mask Distribution Information

This post was originally published in 2011 but has been completely updated. With the threat of war, the home front command has a new phone number for gas mask distribution information: 104. There may be a long wait. You can also order home delivery, via the post office. Phone: *2237 or leave a … [Read more...]

Tomorrow’s Wars

Last year I asked, "Where Are the Children of Tomorrow?" about the absence of sessions about parents and children at Tomorrow 2012, also known as the President's Conference.  This year's program showed only slight improvement with one session on education and another on women and Judaism (more on … [Read more...]

Help for Parents During Rocket Attacks in Israel

I've been catching up after my trip and am still absorbing the fact that Israel is at war again in the south. My sons, who have finished their army service, have not been called up for reserve duty. We've talked within the family about what to do in case of a warning siren. We've heard some booms … [Read more...]

Mommy from Beersheva: “No Hate, War, or Politics”

Mommy from Beersheva, mom to Sarit, 4.5 and Aviv, 2.5, responded to my post earlier today on coping with rocket attacks: I guess so far we've been pretty lucky in keeping anxiety levels low.  I'm not sure if it's something we are doing "right" or blind luck. A few things that help us: We … [Read more...]

Helping Kids Cope with Rocket Attacks from Gaza

        Update:  Mommy from Beersheva responds. Thirty-nine rockets were volleyed on southern Israel last night from Gaza. One Israeli was killed, and several are hospitalized with light injuries. This picture, by Yogev Shlomovitz  of Ynet, and shows a rocket … [Read more...]

Israeli Army Chaplains and Sabbath Observance

Our Shiputzim posted a letter about army chaplains accompanying soldiers to the Gaza front. The letter's author, YAR, and YAR's brother, one of the chaplains, are relatives of "Our Shiputzim."I'll wait while you read it.On Shabbat, our rabbi spoke about this incident and the question of Sabbath … [Read more...]

Pictures of Israeli Soldiers Treating Palestinian Weapon Smugglers

I received these pictures today along with the Hebrew text below. For redistribution to all: Pictures of Israeli soldiers rescuing Palestinians from a tunnel (used for smuggling weapons) in Gaza. In the most moral army in the world, instead of blowing up the tunnel, they [the soldiers] rescue … [Read more...]

Central Area Instructed to Prepare Shelters (awaiting confirmation)

Update: I'm still waiting for confirmation of this story. I haven't heard of a public announcement by the Homefront Command.Breaking news via Jameel:Update: There was no announcement about this on the 3:00 news.2:04 PM IDF Homefront Command starts to distribute emergency directions for Rocket … [Read more...]

War in Gaza: Report from the Home Front

Some bloggers thrive on war news. They excel at live blogging, or explaining Israel's point of view to the world at large. Neither approach works for me, as I avoid political discussions and have no inside information. And since my town is not directly affected, I find it difficult to write about … [Read more...]