Gas Mask Distribution Information

This post was originally published in 2011 but has been completely updated. With the threat of war, the home front command has a new phone number for gas mask distribution information: 104. There may be a long wait. You can also order home delivery, via the post office. Phone: *2237 or leave a … [Read more...]

Feticide at 40 Weeks?

Update April 26, 2021: I wanted to leave up the post as an example of the manipulation, but ultimately decided to remove the content of this post. Update April 25, 2021:  For an update about this guest post, which was offered to me under very dubious cirucumstances, please see my blog post: Update … [Read more...]

Tipat Chalav Survival Guide for Parents

On Twitter, @mrsroth mentioned how a nurse handed her 18-month-old a cup and spoon. The little girl started to "stir" with the spoon, but failed that developmental task because she was supposed to pretend to eat from the bowl. Everyone loves to complain about Tipat Chalav, the network of … [Read more...]

Help Readers Choose an Israeli Baby Name (June 2010)

Forum for Israeli Baby Name Help I've posted several threads with requests for feedback on Hebrew names. Below are two more requests: Naima writes: Back again, still playing with names. We're Conservative Jews near DC looking for Israeli Hebrew names for our soon to be daughter. We've … [Read more...]

Beware Counterfeit Ten-Shekel Coins

These pictures of real and counterfeit Israeli 10-Shekel coins were taken by Meir Sapir in 2003. Many counterfeit coins are still in circulation. Can you tell which ones are fake? Image source: WBCC Answer: The coins on the left are counterfeit. They weigh less (@morgetz said on Twitter … [Read more...]

Willl Lag Baomer Get Rained Out? Too Bad, That

For the first time that I can recall, Lag Baomer might get rained out. Jews pray for rain immediately after Sukkot in the fall. On Sukkot we eat outside in booths covered with branches, so we need it to stay dry. On the first day of Passover, we stop asking for rain and request dew instead. Just … [Read more...]

Junk Food in Gan as a Form of Neglect

Yosefa writes: I've been reading your old posts under the "olim" (immigrants) section [in my new menu at the top of the page]. I was thinking about the ganenet (preschool teacher) saving NIS 800 a month. Maybe she should have used it to buy higher quality food.  At both my kids' schools, they … [Read more...]

Seminar for Bloggers, Journalists, Writers and Web Publishers

An Amophora Events seminar May 26 for serious bloggers, journalists and Web publishers With speakers Karin Kloosterman, editor of Green Prophet The Ethical Line Between Blogging And Journalism Eran Davidov of Israel Catalog Nice Blog But Are You Making Any Money? Join two of … [Read more...]

Wedding Planning Tips

Image by BijanTwisty via Flickr This is Part IX of my series on Marriage in the Religious Zionist community in Israel. Part I: Dating Readiness, Part II: Meeting the One, Part III: Genetic Testing, Part IV: Dating Venues, Part V: Shidduch Crisis?,  VI: Internet Dating, VII: Paying the … [Read more...]

Gas Mask Distribution Dilemma: What to Tell the Kids?

Image by rahuldlucca via Flickr According to Ynet, Israel is distributing gas masks to protect the population against atomic, chemical and biological weapons. It seems like just last year, they were collecting our old ones. Wait, it was. Anyway, 60% of the population is expected to collect the … [Read more...]