Help Readers Choose an Israeli Baby Name (June 2010)

Forum for Israeli Baby Name Help I've posted several threads with requests for feedback on Hebrew names. Below are two more requests: Naima writes: Back again, still playing with names. We're Conservative Jews near DC looking for Israeli Hebrew names for our soon to be daughter. We've … [Read more...]

More Popular Israeli Baby Names (April 2010)

Image by Odalaigh via Flickr Expectant parents from overseas, looking for information about Hebrew baby names, often visit this site. Here are recent comments on Popular Israeli Names for Girls: Update: I've opened a Forum for Israeli Baby Name Help Due Soon in Canada: We're thinking about … [Read more...]

Popular Israeli Baby Names for Girls

See also: 20 Popular Israeli Names for Girls, 2010 Alison left the following comment: I am an American Jew and I am trying to find popular Israeli girl names. We are due in April with a girl and we'd like to give her a Hebrew name (her older brother is named Avishai Navon). Both my husband … [Read more...]