Help Readers Choose an Israeli Baby Name (June 2010)

Forum for Israeli Baby Name Help I've posted several threads with requests for feedback on Hebrew names. Below are two more requests: Naima writes: Back again, still playing with names. We're Conservative Jews near DC looking for Israeli Hebrew names for our soon to be daughter. We've … [Read more...]

Wedding Costs

This post is Part VIII of a series on dating and marriage in the religious-Zionist community. I: Dating Readiness, II: Meeting the One, III: Genetic Testing, IV: Dating Venues, and V: Shidduch Crisis?, VI: Internet Dating, VII: Paying the Shadchan, VIII: Wedding Costs, VIII: Wedding Costs, IX: … [Read more...]

Chicken with Black Olives and Tomatoes

This is an adaptation of a recipe that appeared in the Jerusalem Post many years ago. It always gets compliments. Kosher for Passover, it can be prepared on top of the stove and served hot or cold. Chicken with Black Olives and Tomatoes Ingredients: 1 cut-up chicken Flour, or potato flour for … [Read more...]

Kicking Ourselves in the Foot: Guide to Choosing a Religious Elementary School in Israel

It's that time of year, when parents are running around applying to elementary school. Most families only make the decision with their oldest, so they must consider carefully. In the religious Zionist school system, grade school options generally include: a) Government-sponsored, public … [Read more...]