Sex Separation in State Religious Schools a National Issue

The story brewing over the last few months regards the character of the state religious schools, known in Hebrew by the acronym MM"D or mamad (not to be confused with safe rooms that use the same acronym and pronunciation). And like so many previous educational struggles involving mamad, this one … [Read more...]

Who "Owns" Your Kid’s Homework?

Some teachers think that parents are responsible for their kids' homework. Most parents think they are too. I disagree. I'm not saying that homework is unimportant, or that kids should get a pass.  But once children have been in school for a while, the responsibility for homework needs to … [Read more...]

When Do You Get Your Kids Cell Phones?

I once heard an expert on the radio talking about kids and cell phones. She was concerned that children as young as gan (preschool/kindergarten) brought cell phones to school. At the end of the discussion, the host asked whether the expert's own children had cell phones. "Yes," she … [Read more...]

Gender Separation in Religious Schools

The Shabbat alon Matzav Haruach published an article by Neemanei Torah ve-Avoda. The liberal Orthodox group connected with the religious kibbutz movement wants to return to mixed-gender classes in religious elementary schools. Actually article is not really the correct term, as it was more of a … [Read more...]

Kicking Ourselves in the Foot: Guide to Choosing a Religious Elementary School in Israel

It's that time of year, when parents are running around applying to elementary school. Most families only make the decision with their oldest, so they must consider carefully. In the religious Zionist school system, grade school options generally include: a) Government-sponsored, public … [Read more...]