How to Lower Housing Prices

My husband and I have been thinking about going somewhere with the kids for a night. My 10-year-old's suggestion:  "I heard the tents on Rothschild are empty." Yes, the middle-class tent protests in Tel Aviv, about the high costs of property, have been interrupted and possibly abandoned in light … [Read more...]

Water Tax Begins July 1

It took long enough, but Israel is taking steps to combat the severe water shortage by imposing a tax on excess usage. According to Ynet, the tax goes into effect on July 1. Update: The law hasn't been passed, and there is a question about whether the tax will be retroactive. A family of four … [Read more...]

A Tale of Israeli Television Bureaucracy

Update: Totalitarian Television Tax My friend used to edit an English newspaper in Israel for a small, non-profit organization. She didn't get paid much, and some months she didn't get paid at all. But the tax authority calculated a salary for a "senior editor," and decided she must be getting … [Read more...]

Paamonim:The long, shorter way to get out of debt

Paamonim is an organization, operating mainly in the national religious community, that helps middle class families manage their budgets and pay off debts. In Friday's alon Matzav Haruach, Rachel Klein wrote about Paamonim and spoke with its director, Uriel Lederberg."Dina," a single mother of … [Read more...]

What’s There to Eat? Saving Time in the Kitchen

I recently gave a talk to young mothers entitled, "Is there anything to eat in this house?" We all want to open our refrigerators and find delicious healthy food, but it won't get there by itself. I spoke generally, trying to break down the different cooking tasks — those things that experienced … [Read more...]

The New School Year and What I’m Not Blogging About

I won't be blogging about: My conversation with the principal about the school supply list. After she asked me twice whether I have a baaya kalkalit (financial issue) I said that I have permission to complain about unnecessary expenses even if I'm not desperate enough to ask for a … [Read more...]

Input from the inlaws

Sephardi Lady posted about her in-laws' disappointment at the most recent simcha honoring her baby daughter. Even though Sephardi Lady and Gentleman celebrated just as every other young couple in their community did, the in-laws felt it should have been fancier. Unfortunately they hadn't discussed … [Read more...]

Olim and daycare: Don’t lower your standards

I was listening to the Aliyah Revolution radio show as linked to from a comment on the Aliyah Blog. While discussing the economics of aliyah, the host and his guest gave an unrealistic view of daycare expenses in Israel.The host stated that daycare costs even more than university, but is still … [Read more...]

M* Mitzva

The only Israeli formula company, M*, with the pseudo-scientific Latin sounding name, has been running a successful public relations campaign within the religious community in Israel for eight years now. They teamed up with a charity organization to collect used M* scoops and bags. For every four … [Read more...]

Kicking Ourselves in the Foot: Guide to Choosing a Religious Elementary School in Israel

It's that time of year, when parents are running around applying to elementary school. Most families only make the decision with their oldest, so they must consider carefully. In the religious Zionist school system, grade school options generally include: a) Government-sponsored, public … [Read more...]