Female JBlogger interview: Sephardi Lady

Since Jewish Blogmeister indicated here (check the comments) that he won't be interviewing any female Jbloggers, I decided to take up the gauntlet (only I don't promise to stay on my side of the mechitza!). I started with Sephardi Lady of Orthonomics, who discusses her hobbies, the tuition crisis, … [Read more...]

"Cosmetic" changes vs. financial security

In this piece, Maariv economic reporters try to help a family who is in serious "minus" or overdraft. The husband brings home about NIS 8000 per month and the wife gets unemployment of about NIS 2300. She is hoping that her next job will pay NIS 4000. They also get a child allowance from the … [Read more...]

Update on Gan Finances

This is what the ganenet (kindergarten teacher) asked for from the parents: A dollar is 4.5 to 5 New Israeli Shekalim. Amounts are in shekalim. 220: Weekly exercise class, in the gan. 60: Photocopies 35: Embroidered towel 80: End of year gifts and pictures 80: "Sal tarbut" (culture … [Read more...]