A Parenting Dilemma

A neighbor once offered to take care of my baby when I went out. "Don't worry," she assured me. "His crying won't bother me." Since I don't ignore crying babies whether they are mine or not, I didn't agree to watch the neighbor's baby the next couple of times she asked me. I might have enjoyed a … [Read more...]

Rabbi: These are things that are not learned at home

Update: It seems that quite a discussion is going on with the rabbi in the comments section on Moreshet, for those who read Hebrew.A commenter on my previous post drew my attention to a responsum from the Orthodox website Moreshet. Here is my translation:Love and Warmth for a ChildShalom to the … [Read more...]

Olim and daycare: Don’t lower your standards

I was listening to the Aliyah Revolution radio show as linked to from a comment on the Aliyah Blog. While discussing the economics of aliyah, the host and his guest gave an unrealistic view of daycare expenses in Israel.The host stated that daycare costs even more than university, but is still … [Read more...]

What’s your excuse? Leaving children alone, revisited

A few weeks ago I had a lovely conversation with a friendly babysitter in the park. She was telling me and another babysitter how she so much enjoyed working for this family and how close she was to all their four children that she had practically raised herself. The youngest, a baby, is with her … [Read more...]

"Cosmetic" changes vs. financial security

In this piece, Maariv economic reporters try to help a family who is in serious "minus" or overdraft. The husband brings home about NIS 8000 per month and the wife gets unemployment of about NIS 2300. She is hoping that her next job will pay NIS 4000. They also get a child allowance from the … [Read more...]